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Our Greatest Power

Little by little,
step by step,
day by day,
breath by breath,

we CAN undo, untrain, debunk the fear based conditioning we have ALL BEen subject to.

It DOes take perseverance.
It DOes take commitment.
We have BEen taught to doubt EVERYthing, ESPECIALLY the Unseen………..when in TRUTH that IS where our Greatest Power DOes lie.

Fahgedabout what others think or say……

DO what ya gotta DO just DO it from a different perspective of optimism, focusing yOUR attentions on the Positive Potential Outcomes instead of the shitty ones……..’cuz my hahneys, they are BOTH Equally Possible and guess who tips the scale in favour of one or the other actually manifesting……

Oh yaaaaaa baby!!!
YOU ARE Response ABLE!!! Yes siree do dee do do do!
Each of WE has the AWEsome ability to CREATE and it ALL starts withIN SELF.

Ya don’t hafta tell anyone what yar think’n….ya don’t hafta stand in front of a crowd of our Earth Angels Divine who are still unawakened, still walking withIN the mind set of our fear based conditioning and yell at the top of yOUR lungs, I CREATE MY REALITY…….YOU CREATE yOUR REALITY…….WE CREATE REALITY…….THINK, FEEL, BE, ACT LOVE…….and YOU WILL have yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness manifest in our eternal NOW……

Ya just gotta DO it!

DOing it IS yOUR yelling……… the best way possible……by not opening yOUR mouth to say a word 😉

BE it babay!!!!

BE the example of successFull, Love Filled, Healthy, Infinitely Abundant Prosperity for ALL to see and then……when THEY ask YOU………tell them………tell them…….tell them:

to BE ALL ya wanna BE IS to BE ALL ya wanna BE 😉

BLISSings Sweet Angels
Thank YOU for BEing YOU that I may BE ME experiencing the TRUTH of our WE 😉
la la la la LOVE

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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