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Out from the Limbo Abyss

BEing LOVE IS Accepting what IS, it IS staying TRUE to SELF in the face of ‘adversity’/opportunities for growth, it IS finding withIN SELF, Acceptance and LOVE for SELF.

We can find ourselves in situations we NEVER thought we’d BE in, DO things we never thought we’d DO and STILL remain TRUE to SELF.
Still BE LOVing to and of SELF.

For example, you may not agree with/support/like the government and yet having applied to thousands of jobs, been knocking down doors left and right, the only position that has made itself available to you is, as it turns out a government funded position.

We know not….it may very well BE in these very situations we never thought we’d be in or do, that our HIGHest HAPPYness/’dreams come true’ reside awaiting our embrace.

So you take the job, even though you don’t really like who it is that is making it possible for you only to discover that it is a branch of the government that is run by “non-government” citizens, wholly and completely dedicated to assisting local community members, and was organized as a means of redirecting government funding and activities in more positively affecting ways.

It’s a grass roots movement infiltrating – quietly, respectfully, lovingly, the walls of the system……creating the LOVE from the inside out…..which IS something YOU have BEen and are most dedicated to.
WhooooYA* 😀 hee hee

Everything IS a matter of perception….when life turns our world upside down we can still choose to look for the Light, Positive, and LOVE therein, and thus BE open to so receiving.

Yes, it can be difficult to see at first, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed, lost, and confused, but…..when we take some time to breathe, allow our self to relax a little, let go of some of the associated fears, we CAN CHOOSE to look around for the positives, and fabYOUlously enough, 9.99/10 we find them. 😀

One of the ways by which we may assist ourselves to relax, let go, and allow self the opportunity to see the positives when we find ourselves floating in a position of limbo, the unKNOWn – when we know not what shall be, when our world is turned upside down and inside out and we don’t know which direction to turn in, or what opportunities shall manifest, IS to lay our trust in the ‘unseen powers that BE’, withIN the energetic signature of our own vibrational frequency, most especially when we have CHOSEn to BE aligned in, with, through, and of LOVE. ~*❤*~

***Indeed, it IS in aligning our SELF with LOVE that we are able to let go of our fears and trust in the unseen powers that BE, where in fact ALL IS created [where WE co-create everything]. 😀 _(l)_ ~*❤*~

It IS a ‘leap of faith’, a ‘choice of belief’, but then again, so is everything.***
Think about it.
Choosing to BElieve that things are tough, choosing to have faith in that which destructs is choosing to see the negative…..which of course, you shall find as swiftly as you will anything else you happen to choose to go looking for….so why not go in search of that which uplifts, assists, empowers and enlightens, if it’s us making the choice to begin with anyways?

Something to ponder upon n’est ce pas?

Blissing unto ONE and ALL that each of WE make the choice to see through the rose coloured glasses of LOVE’s Light and thus manifest within our actualized experience, a life of Bliss.*

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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