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[Part 2]  The “How To” for Facing your Fears:  Step 1 and 2
This IS an exerpt from Roni’s literary compilation, “Radiate Soul Light”©™, enJOY*❤

The “How To” for Facing your Fears

Let us take our first step then, together;

1. See yourself and everyone else as a Child. {See essay- ‘Blessing for a child’}

Now that you are ‘grown’, you have the wisdom that comes only once you have so done. You are ‘wise’ to the fact that aging doesn’t transform you into some ‘other being’. You are now aware that age doesn’t equate to loss of self. Adulthood isn’t all you dreaded it to be, it’s just you, the little boy or girl, older, wiser, and with a hell of a lot more responsibility.
*Responsibility in so far as our awareness of just how response able we are for our experience in life and our ability to respond consciously through love.*

Adulthood is not changing into some old rickety cynic, it’s accepting and caring for your responsibilities consciously, in love’s embracing grace.
You still want the same love as you did when you were younger. You still dream, hope and long for. You still enjoy music, books, sports, and much that you did as a youth.

You are still emotionally affected and effective. Hopefully, your understanding and emotional needs have wizened as you have experienced more of life. Hopefully, you have learnt how much love you have to give, to yourself!
Still, you want to be accepted, you want to be validated, acknowledged, respected, and most of all, loved. We all do, no matter what our age. The problem is, we get so caught up in the ‘perceived obligations’ of our lives, that we allow these to be the incentive for our actions when interacting with one another. We are people, not things, bills, or deadlines, we are people, we need to be spoken to, not our obligations.

See, speak and treat one another with the loving tenderness as you would a child.
Show respect for someone because they are, not because of what they are.

Walking down the street, you see a filthy, smelly, homeless person. They are asking for your money. Do you ignore them and walk in the other direction, or do you stop and give them the respect of acknowledgement, whether you give a donation or not?

You have lost touch with a once ‘close friend’. It wasn’t a bad parting, they were never very good at keeping in touch in the first place. It’s been about three months and your paths happen to cross. You make eye contact, but they turn away as though they had not seen you. Do you write them off, vowing never to speak to this heartless individual, who obviously does not care enough to even acknowledge your presence?
Or, do you realize that they are extremely insecure, and likely turned away not because they didn’t want to talk with you, but because they were too embarrassed with their own behaviour.

Your business partner just cost your business a huge multi-million dollar account.
Do you berate, yell, scream and demean them, or do you go out and get sloshed together? Do you provide them with the support and reassurance that they require from you in this moment, when they must feel so horrible?

Are you motivated by the person in front of you or the “what” they have to offer?

See the child and feel the love.

2. Speak and act from love, no matter what your thoughts may be.
{see essay, “Words, Words, Words}

No-one can be prosecuted for their thoughts, no-matter how awful they may be. These are your own private, internal conversations. No other need know what these comprise, most especially if what they comprise, is hurtful in any way.

Accept that you do have these thoughts and when you do, it is okay. It is a gift, a lesson awaiting your discovery. Negative thoughts arise so that we may gaze upon them, acknowledge them, understand them, transcend them into love and thus let them go. If it makes ya’ feel better, everyone has some variation of ‘those’ thoughts, at some time in their lives;

~secretly revelling in the idea of a neighbour’s outlandishly massive sun blocking tree, being ~struck by lightening, smashing their car,
~angrily daydreaming of a past disrespectful and abusive employer declaring bankruptcy,
~experiencing a dream involving sex with someone considered inappropriate,
~wishing tragedy upon one who has hurt you.

You can alter the scenes above as you see fit. The point is, everyone does it, so accept that you are one of us, human, faltered, and blessed with opportunity!

Then, spend some time meditating upon or find someone to speak with so you may figure out why you are having these thoughts. This self-propelled investigation is your gateway to growth in awareness, and healing through love.
If you are more comfortable with external assistance as opposed to introspective, make sure you find an appropriate setting with an appropriately qualified individual.

In other words, most people in your life need not know of your fearful, painful and hurtful thoughts, especially the ones, about them! These are your ‘demons’ to deal with, and no-one else need face them but you.

Once you have conquered your tendency to share these thoughts, then you may begin to practice inhibiting all negative thoughts from verbal expression, unless as indicated, within appropriate parameters. This of course shall reinforce a natural tendency to automatically transcend negative thoughts into ascended thoughts of love. In other words, the more we use our negative thoughts as opportunities for healing, the more automatic shall be our process, thus the less negativity shall we experience over all.

Your goal;

always come from a perspective of love, from a positively enhancing position.

This does not mean you have to agree with, or like everything that another says or does. It does imply however, communicating your thoughts, wishes, desires, and needs effectively, through love.

Your friend is explaining their take on a movie you just saw. Yours was not the same.
Your response could be, “no, that’s not what it was about” or “I see, interesting view,
I was affected by the movie’s xyz in this way….”

You ask your brother to babysit for you, you really need his help, the situation is rather critical, to you. He tells you that the hour earlier he would have to wake up in the morning is simply too much of an imposition on his life.

Do you tell him he is a selfish ingrate, a most uncompassionate jerk, or do you respect his choice and accept that your unhappiness is your own making. He is not responsible for you or your child and if your expectations have led you down a road to disappointment, then it is a road that you must redirect yourself upon.
There is no need to express your disappointment, {which you should not feel in the first place},
your brother is well aware that you are disappointed, you asked him for a favour and he was unable to assist you. Nothing more need be said.

Remember, your words are long and far-reaching.

Let us reach with love.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of “The’How To’ for Facing your Fears”
You can read part 1 by clicking here.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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