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[Part 4] The “How To” for Facing your Fears: Step 6 and 7
This IS an exerpt from Roni’s literary compilation, “Radiate Soul Light”©™, enJOY*❤

The “How To” for Facing your Fears

6. Treat others as you would yourself. {see essay, “Through the Apartment Window”}

Recognize that you are one individual within a species of billions.

See how very small you are, recognize that your life is only one story in a sea, an entire world in fact, of countless stories. Recognize that your story is no more precious or for that matter inconsequential, than any other. You are one, one amongst many, one amongst many with whom you are completely connected.
Recognize that you are connected with all that exists here upon the earth school. From the bees to the trees, from the multi-billion dollar executive to the homeless mother of three, begging in the streets of India.

We are all connected, comprised in our most basic elements of energy.

Energy is boundless. It projects outward and assimilates inward. You are a ball of energy molecules that are attracted to one another in the extreme. It is this extreme attraction that has allowed for the manifestation of the vehicle within which your Soul is able to reside, here upon the earth school.

This energy has an ebb and flow to it. This ebb and flow is giving to and receiving from the environment around you. This current of energy that you give and receive is affecting and effected by others and your self, respectively.

This is the only truth you can rely upon. The cars, houses, vacations, friendships, loves, families, successes, failures, are not to be relied upon. The only truth, the only one that you can hold tight to, is the fact that you are exactly the same as all others upon this earth school.
We are all part of ONE COLLECTIVE.

So, the next time you’re out, see the superstar and think to yourself, “wow, I’m in the presence of greatness”, as you carelessly step over the squeegie kid and his dog, for whom most would mutter under breath, “what a bum, what a loser, thank god, I’m not you.”,


You are both ‘the presence of greatness’ and ‘the loser’ sitting on the street corner with his/her dog, and they are both reflections of you. All that stands between you and either of these destinies, is yourself, and how you direct the mass of energy that is you.

So, go out into the world with a loving heart, and as the saying goes, treat others as you would yourself.


7. Remember that you are a divine being.
{see essay, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am God”}

Life can ‘hit’ you with some seriously major waves, mountain peaks and steep valleys.

The experience of these highs and lows can become so consuming, that you completely lose sight of the person going through the experience, you. Often times, when we find ourselves in situations of ‘dis-ease’ and discomfort, we tend to lose faith, confidence, security, LOVE, within and for our self.

We tend to forget the beautiful divine being we are, and all that we have to offer to this beautiful earth school.
We tend to forget we are held in high regard by all those who exist amongst us, within this vast cosmos. High enough in fact, to have been trusted to come to this earth school, to fulfill our collective purpose; regeneration and resurrection of the ‘land of pan’.

We tend to forget all of the individual gifts that we have been blessed with, to so do.
We doubt ourselves, our abilities, and disrespect the very blessings we have been gifted, as we deny love of self.

Insecurity, fear, guilt, doubt, lack of confidence, lack of self-respect, faith and belief.
All examples of not loving one self. All examples of listening to the whispering demons of our collective fears.
Heaven and Hell are here and now!!
Heaven is loving yourself and living life by soul’s direction. It is fulfilling your purpose here, which is to create heaven upon earth.
Hell is listening to, and incorporating, the collective fears of humanity, into the truth of your self-definition.

You must remember, remember all that is beautiful and glorious within you. How do you shine, what is it in you that illuminates your soul and thus all those around you?

How are you loving, how are you able to care for your self and your community?

What are your inner talents? What are your ‘outer talents’? Great with numbers?
Making people laugh? Relating a great story? Learning fast? An agile runner? A loving parent, friend, child?

When you are in a difficult situation, be it loss of work, the break-up of an intimate relationship, loss of faith in the system, society, or yourself, STOP! Take a minute to remove yourself from the situation. Take a step back and remember who you really are. Remember all that you have to give to this world. Remember all of your gifted talents. Remember that you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to, so long as you believe in yourself, and call upon all the gifted resources of your being.

You were not sent here to fail.
You were not sent here to feel bad about the person you are.

You were sent here to love yourself and all those around you.
So do so.
Remember who you are when you are at your best, in the purest state of loving yourself.
Remember all the wonders you are capable of, and never let go of that truth.
Make this person, this fabulous person, who accomplishes “all the wonders”, your only identity. And then, fulfill your rightful purpose as the divine being you are, here upon the earth school, and LOVE.

Stay tuned for Part 5 of “The’How To’ for Facing your Fears”
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Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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