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[Part 5] The “How To” for Facing your Fears: Step 8
This IS an exerpt from Roni’s literary compilation, “Radiate Soul Light”©™, enJOY*❤

The “How To” for Facing your Fears

8. Suffering does not exist. Do not accept failure. All has purpose.
{see essay “Good or Evil, Embracing my sinner, Exemplifying my saint and “Getting There”}

Believe in your self with a fervent tenacity.

In those moments when you are experiencing the major waves and steep valleys, remember, all has purpose, all is a lesson, an opportunity for self-growth and awareness.

All that you experience in your life has a reason.

Look for the meaning, the lesson, within every single one of your experiences in life.
Always ask “WHY?” “What purpose does this serve?” “What lesson, gift, opportunity is here for my taking?”
There is always a lesson, a divine gift of guidance, to get us where we need to be.

Once you have verbalized your rightful intention, just experience life, respond to that which manifests, the answer, your awareness will come, for you have asked yourself for as much.

We must live life with a MINDful eye, and attuned ear.
When you pray, answers do come. You just have to know how to listen for them.

And how do you listen?

First and foremost, through the ears, eyes, taste, touch, beingness of LOVE.
When seeking answers, understanding, wisdom, do so from a position of LOVE, do so as LOVE.

Take nothing for granted. Do not pass things off so non-chalantly as coincidence or chance. Everything, including thoughts that seemingly float into your head ‘out of the blue’, hold messages of vast knowledge for your grasp.

There is no such thing as suffering.
If you can see all experiences as promoting your self-growth and awareness, as having purpose, then the ‘bad’ times are just as relevant, and in some cases more so, then the good ones.

**Important reMINDer, when speaking to “suffering” herein, we are speaking withIN the context of facing our fears, not the potential for physical torture &/or pain.

It is when we face our deepest fears, we heal the most. The growth potential for our BEingness is exponentially affected in a positive manner anytime we alleviate any blockages [fears] to the harmonious flow of our LOVE’s Light.  It is when we successfully face the unknown, with a steadfast belief in our selves and the Universe, that we expand our being. It is delving into our depths to summon a pool of resources we may not have known existed before, that allows us to discover the well of soul love existing within each of us.

‘Bad’ times are opportunities, not times of suffering. We determine what something we are experiencing is, we define it as a pleasurable or painful [psychologically, spiritually, metaphysically] experience.

Greet all that comes into your life with open, loving arms, always asking, “what lesson do you have for me, what gift shall I receive upon your presence?”

There is no such thing as failure, only loss of vision, only loss of belief, faith and love, within one self and the Universe.

No, not failure, only a misguided, manipulated ego. A soul, that has become imprisoned by ego’s acceptance of the harsh, bleak illusion our collective fears have created and convinced US to be, ‘reality’.

Fear is not reality, it is illusion. It is living life in doubt.

Truth is the only reality and truth is love.

Thus if you give in to the fear, the doubt, the ‘suffering’, then you are giving in to that which does not truly exist. You are allowing yourself to live your life based upon a lie.

This is the ‘devil’s work’. The devil is not some red, fork-tailed, horned monster, the devil is FEAR, the deadly whispers of humanity’s misguided fears.

You are a divine being. Suffering does not exist! Failure is illusion! Love yourself!
Believe in the Universe, and trust in LOVE! Ask the questions, look and listen for the answers. Be Aware, Pay Attention, and take nothing for granted, NOTHING!!!

Stay tuned for Part 5 of “The’How To’ for Facing your Fears”
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Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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