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[Part 6] The “How To” for Facing your Fears: Step 9
This IS an exerpt from Roni’s literary compilation, “Radiate Soul Light”©™, enJOY*❤

The “How To” for Facing your Fears

9. Religion is a pathway providing a safe route to divine happiness.
{see essay, “Religion? Huh?! What? Who?”}

No pathway is better than another, no race more blessed, no person of more value.

We are all born with the same potential and the same purpose unto the earth school.
How we achieve that purpose, whatever path we follow to do so, has the same mandate for achieving a fruitful, positively affecting, effect.

Religion is not god. Being of one religious order or another, does not accredit someone any more distinction than one who follows not any religious order at all. It is not the chosen path itself that matters, only that upon this path, your walk is one of love.

It matters not that you believe Jesus to be the son of god or a high priest, it matters not, if you label god’s name Hashem, Mohammed, Buddah, Krishna, or the Universe, so long as what you pray for, is love.

It matters not if you view your life, here upon the earth school, as a blessing or a sentencing, so long as you are doing your utmost to be the best person you can be.
So long as you are doing your utmost to proliferate love in all.
So long as your ultimate purpose is that of the divine will, [that which is best for all]  it matters not which pathway you choose to get yourself there.

My ancestral religious heritage is Jewish. I do not follow the rules and regulations as set forth by my religious heritage. I do not believe in rules and regulations as dictated by another. I believe that we each know intrinsically what choices to make in any given situation, demonstrating one who walks the path of love or conversely, fear.

I believe that we each know intrinsically, when we are being loving and when we are not.

Thus, I do my utmost to walk a path of love at all times, with all people, including myself. This is the only rule that I follow. I do not feel that I require rituals of tradition within the sanctity of a religion to accomplish this. However, many people are very comfortable within the safety and security of their religion. It provides them solace, direction, purpose, confidence, and unity. Those who follow a religion, do so because they are comfortable and happy, walking the pathway as set forth by the guidelines of said religion. Just as I am happy, walking the pathway as set forth by my own.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that my religious heritage is Jewish. I love getting together with my family over the holidays and all that jazz. I love taking time out of our routine to come together, and pay homage to all that we have been blessed with, and all that is. I love the perspective, the meaning of life, that I have received from my Jewish heritage. I love the experience I had when I walked as a Jew upon this earth school. Just as I would, had I been born into another religion.

It is not that we are different, only that the looking glass that we see through has different colours, different angles of focus, abilities of sight and sound. Each of these abilities is just as good as another, just different.

Find your pathway [which may change several times….be open] and the guidelines for BEing LOVE that shall assist you in maintaining due course, and I’ll see you where all pathways converge.

Stay tuned for the concluding Part 7 of “The’How To’ for Facing your Fears”
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Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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