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[Part 7] The “How To” for Facing your Fears: Step 10
This IS an exerpt from Roni’s literary compilation, “Radiate Soul Light”©™, enJOY*❤

The “How To” for Facing your Fears

10. Do not judge. Do not expect. Accept. {see essay, “Soul’s Twin Self”}

You came here to do your best, to be the best that you can be.
That is your only purpose.
You were not ‘sent’ here, to save, promote, or change another.
It is not your job to judge another for not fulfilling their purpose, or falling short of Universal belief and faith.

It is not your job to condemn another for not meeting your expectations.
You have no right to have any expectations of another but yourself.
And the only expectation of yourself you have the right to, is to do your very best to love.

All that you can hope for, is that you shall attract like-minded individuals, ones who shall uplift and nourish, into your nest.

And if by chance you do not, for those led by fear shall most definitely attempt to invade your sanctuary, be strong enough to accept that some people are not providing healthy energy. There may be people that shall come into your life whose purpose is to allow you to love self by making the choice to walk away.

These people shall infect your surroundings with their negative energy and exhaust your positive energy. They must be let go.
Attachments can be deadly.

You have no right, no right whatsoever, to the ownership of another’s soul. To think so, is blasphemy!

You can not save anyone.
When they are ready, when they have done the work they must, they may return and you will know. You will know what they have accomplished and whether they are within a place of awareness, that is positively enhancing to your life and beingness or not.

And if not, do not judge them harshly.

You do not let go in anger. You let go in love. You let go with the prayer for their safety, their salvation, their soul.
You haven’t the right to judge or expect anything from another human being. If you so choose to allow another into your life, do so under these conditions. Accept them into your life as they are, or do not accept them in. Accept them for all that is beautiful, ugly, good and bad within them, and see all as divine.

Honour them for who they are.

If you can not do so, whether in their presence or otherwise, if their negativity is too overpowering, or your love not developed/healed/harominzed, then you disservice both of you in remaining together.

The ‘perfect’ relationship, an authentic relationship based upon the premise of two individuals choosing to journey together to assist, uplift, empower, and enlighten one another upon their own individual journeys of BEing LOVE is possible and manifesting more each day. We are in the process of regenerating, we are in the process of actualizing our collective mandate. That being said, knowing that any relationship, at any level of intimacy, shall have it’s challenges- “opportunities for growth”, enter in and experience these, with the most loving mind, heart and soul that you can muster, at all times.

Do your utmost to withhold judgment, expectation, and attachment.
Do all that you can to accept that which is, and see, hear, live, breathe, think, act, LOVE.

**This sentiment IS carried over into our day to day living, regarding any and all situations which we encounter in life. Accept where it is you find yourself.
This does not mean you have to like it, but instead of fighting it, accept it.
Then, as with above, if a situation is toxic to us as opposed to nourishing us, let it go….in LOVE.

The Bottom line: LOVE

Love yourself, love your life, love your fellow man, woman and child. Love this earth school. Love all the components that make up this earth school, the animal, mineral, and vegetable kingdoms, the celestial cosmos. Love all.

And to do so, call upon whatever resources you can. If following a religion is your answer then follow fervently, if seeing everyone as a child is your answer, then see all your fellow earth school siblings as the most blessed child. If meditation works for you, meditate daily.

Do what you must, so long as it is in the name of, motivated by, and for the ultimate collective purpose of, LOVE.

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Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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