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Patience IS Trusting IS BEing LOVE

Generally Speaking……

Patience………IS Trusting…….

Trusting IS……… having faith/belief
in the physically unseen/unknown.

Our transcendence IS one from trusting in ‘the known’ to the unknown, from trusting in the seen to the unseen.
***(‘known’ is put into asterics cuz even what we think we KNOW IS actually open to infinite interpretation and malleability)

Our ascension into LOVE Consciousness shall occur when we no longer put our faith, belief, trust in FEARfull incidents occurring and instead choosing to so do within LOVing ones.

In the field of infinite potential~possibility anything and everything and nothing is possible……all~ways.

Our ascension and thus life experience that shall reflect our ascension is one that shall occur BEcause we are choosing of the infinite potential/possibilities that DO exist in every NOW, ALL~ways to have faith, belief, and trust in the power of our ‘unseen’ thoughts and feelings of LOVE, in our intentions, our will, our visions, imaginations, and the ‘sound’ vibrations of, from, through LOVE they create in the ‘all’, and thus within the creation of our own life experiences themselves.

Our transcendence into our ascended state of being (which IS an infinitely ongoing process by the way- we are always evolving, ascending, expanding….. 😉 ) is a recognition and ownership of our response ability in creating whatever it is we have experienced as life thus far; the good, bad, beayoutyfull and ugly, and thus recognizing that it is within us to create whatever it is we desire, need, envision moving forward. It IS thus that our ascension is an act of creation from a consciousness that is bathed in love instead of fear.

And yes, …….it does take practise, repetition, dedication, perseverance, commitment, realignment, balancing, reattuning, retraining, persistence, etc.. etc.. for most.  And it IS sooooooooooo worth it, wouldn’t ya agree???  We have been so well practiced, trained, conditioned in choosing, of the infinite choices available, to put our faith in the negative ones, it has become almost as natural to us as breathing.  Indeed, it can happen ‘just like that’….over night….and in fact when we finally do completely embrace love consciousness over fear it is ‘just like that’ -even if it took 20, 40, 100 years to get there, when you are there, you are there, and moments before you were there, you were not.

(kinda like looking for the light switch in the dark, feeling around the walls for it for however long it takes, and when you finally find and turn it on, voila……’let there be light’)

Blissings Blissings Blissings sublime to ONE and ALL for a most EASY, Breazy BEaYOUtyFull transcendence into our ascended state of BEing LOVE and the ever expanding blossoming bliss of its divine experience.

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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