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Patterns of BElief, Part 2 – “How to Raise your Vibrational Level Instantly” by Dr. Anthony

I would like to continue our discussion of the WAY IT IS a little further so that you really get what’s happening.

I realize your teachers, parents, mentors and those around you have taught you to tell your story about the WAY IT IS. After all, that is “reality”.

But here is what you must do. You must begin to tell your story about the way you want your life to be. Tell your story of the way you want it to be until you begin to believe the story. (After all, you believe the story you are telling now as though it were true!)

When you believe your new story, your vibration will shift and the universe will match your story.

The universe is always matching your vibrational energy.

Most people don’t know they can offer a vibration that matches what they want. Instead they believe they should offer a story about the WAY IT IS, not realizing they are attracting more of the WAY IT IS.

[again, Dr. Anthony IS speaking here to 2 things:

1: interpretations that we each choose to make of “the way it IS” that are demeaning, belittling and otherwise depressing to self as opposed to uplifting and enlightening. If yOUR intepretations of the way it IS are uplifting, then yar DO’n fabYOUlously. 😀


2: our conditioned focus on only that which we can see and experience with our physical senses… opposed to ALL that IS occurring undetected by our physical senses in the ethereal/esoteric/metaphysical realm which IS in TRUTH where ALL that IS physical BEgins.]

You can get swept up in the WAY IT IS because the WAY IT IS gets your attention.
The reason for this is all of our physical senses are designed to help you observe your environment.
What you see with your eyes is a translation of vibration, what you smell with your nose is a translation of vibration. What you feel with your fingertips is a translation of vibration. What hear with your ears and taste with your tongue is a translation of vibration.

You are a veritable vibrational interpreter.

I just want you to realize that the true interpretation of the vibration that is going on within you is translated into emotion. Your emotions are really telling you the story you want to be aware of.

So when you feel negative emotion what your inner guidance is telling you is you’ve got chronic thoughts going on, and more importantly current thoughts in the moment that are not a match to what you want. And, depending how strong the negative emotions are, it will determine to what extent your thoughts are in alignment with your desire. [the more negative the further ‘off’ your alignment IS from that which YOU desire to BE]
Negative emotion is always the indicator.

When you feel ANY negative emotion it is time to pay attention because you are going in the wrong direction. You are moving AWAY from your desires.

Use this powerful indicator to your advantage and shift your energy in that moment and start moving TOWARDS what you desire by changing your story from the WAY IT IS to the way you want it to be.

Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!

  Truly Caring for Your Success!
Dr. Robert Anthony

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