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Perseverance through Patience and Trust
Written in April/May 2012

Yesterday was “chemo day”.

My sister, who has been undergoing treatment for Ovarian Cancer for 6 years now, had yet another chemo treatment yesterday.

She is on a 21 day cycle this time [it’s her 4th time around with a chemo treatment protocol….in addition to a whole bunch more alternative treatments she has done as well] with treatment on the 1st and 8th days –

Treatment on the 1st day wipes her out for an entire week.
By the time she goes in for 8th day treatment, she is just coming up for air from the 1st.
She’s at the end of her ‘chemo rope’, having been on this arduous 21 day cycle for months now.
Her 8th day treatment is 1/2 hour in length – [1st day over an hour] and yet had to wait over 3 hours for her treatment once ‘checking in’ at the hospital.
She was ready to walk out yesterday.

Tired, sick, tired, run down, naucious, achy, exhausted, and yet…….as close to the ‘wire’ as she had come she PERSEVERED through PATIENCE and TRUST.

Perserverance through Patience and Trust.

Patience BEcause she Trusts in the BElief that the chemo treatment IS DOing something Positive to assist her, to heal her.

This Patience with the system, with the medical process, with the debilitating medical protocal she is having to endure exists BEcause of her TRUST, her BElief that what she IS DOing IS making a difference- even though there has been no difference for MONTHS now…….still, …she Perseveres……still, …she Trusts…still, she BElieves and it IS BEcause of this Trust, this BElief, this persevering Patience that
she DOes make it through,
she DOes DO what she needs to DO to assist, uplift, empower and enLIGHTen her SELF,
she DOes take the necessary steps towards her own HEALing [self respecting, loving, nurturing, caring for her physical and metaphysical vessels], and
she DOes.

It IS BEcause of this Perseverance, Patience and Trust that my sister Elana Waldman IS alive today. And keep in mind lovelies……SIX YEARS she has been dealing with this very real life and death situation. Six YEARS she has been facing her mortality up close and personal. Six Years she has been facing disappointment after disappointment……life and death disappointments……not just life altering, but permanently life altering……and still, though she has had to get back up again and again and again, countless times to list by now, she keeps on keep’n on, she gets back up and she DOes.*

My sister IS dealing with a life and death situation….she has BEen from the time she was a very young 32…..and she has BEen consistently for over 6 years now.
Most of us are NOT dealing with life and death situations.

We get into unhealthy relationships, job positions/environments, have feelings of insecurities, self doubt, etc…… and though the solution to these situations a far far cry easier to experience than that which one facing a life and death situation has to, we still have a tendency to get stuck withIN the depths of depression so much so, we convince ourselves we are incapable of carrying on.


We ARE Capable!

YOU Are Capable!

Whatever it IS that has you ‘down’, where ever in your life you are feeling ‘less than’, feeling that things are not ‘good enough’, DO something, 1 thing, 1 small itsy bitsy thing to ASSIST YOU get to where you want to BE.

1 thing…….DO it NOW.

**Important to note:

DOing also refers to FIRST and foremost how we are THINKing and FEELing about our situation….

Sooooo if there’s something you are really getting down on your self about Start by attempting to entertain alternative perspectives and interpretations of your situation that come from a MORE POSITIVE Light – even if it’s only marginally more positive….it IS a step in the Right Direction.

For example:
You may BElieve that “BElieving” really does NOT affect your physically manifest outcome……that’s fine……

Start with simply entertaining the idea that it might.
Start with simply thinking about what it is you would like manifest, your life as you would like it to be.
Start by seeking out in your life where the things that you would like manifest in your life actually already are manifest in your life, even if only a small little aspect of them.

[ie: You want to live in a mansion…..look at your home, where you are living and think about those sisters and brothers of ours around the world who live with 4-10 others in a place ½ the size of your current place and how they would regard your current place. Allow yourself to look upon your place with their eyes – see your mansion, and…..feel their gratitude for being in your position in life.]

Just START……….and DO so from, withIN, and through LOVE.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

**For the record, Elana did her treatment, got through it and felt much better [even though ravaged by the chemo] once she did…….
Depths of Gratitude to ALL of YOU ONEderFull Earth Angels Divine for sharing your light of Love. _(l)_
May the unity of our Light of LOVE emanate out to the ALL in healing beams of embracing BEaYOUty returning each of we – where is necessary- to optimal homeostasis permanently. 😀
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