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♬ Feel’n hot, hot, hot ♬

Sooooo sitt’n in this “heat wave warning” with no air conditioning, ‘shvitz’n like a lil’ piglet’ I CHOOSE to ‘look on the bright side’ instead of waste away in a vat of complaining that serves no purpose other than intoxicating myself and all others within my vicinity.

♬ I choose to see how blissed I am to have a fan,
♬ I choose to joke and play how others pay to sit in saunas all the long day,
♬ I choose to BE grrrreatFull I live not where it is 40 degrees regularly, and there is no electricity for centuries***
♬ I choose to be grateFull I am experiencing summer instead of winter, warmth instead of cold,
– I am a summer babe, gotta say…….
♬ and I choose to see what instead I may find for myself to entertain and play with on this scorch’n hot, hot, day. 😀

**Indeed this IS a choice each of we has in every situation in life, ALLways. Do we choose to focus on that which we perceive to BE ‘bad’ or that which we perceive to be ‘good’?

YES***, it really, really, really DOes make a difference….in fact a world of a difference.

Try it for your self the next time you are feeling negative about something, seek out as hard as you can for an alternate perspective that IS positive, something- anything about the situation that you can interpret from a more heightened perspective of love and see how so DOing affects you and thus how YOU BEing so affected, affect everyONE else.

Let me KNOW how it goes. 😀

Blissedly BE Angels }*{
Radiating LOVE,

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