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PMS for a woman, mass hormonal excretions of any kind really for anyone, [

yes, men DO go through their own ‘pms’ cycles too, just NOT as lucky as women to KNOW the exact ‘cycle’, as do all of we through out the breadth of our teen years], 

can be very much like a ‘bad trip’ or an ‘intentional healing’ experience.

 Our fears can be brought to the surface…..BIG Time….giving us the OPPORTUNITY to CHOOSE LOVE instead of the fear being brought to the surface.

Hormonal fluctuations bring on INTENSE emotions, which are, for the most part, irrational interpretations of what is actually going on.

It’s easy enough to ‘get lost’ in fears of what IS when charged with mass hormonal fluctuations which have us looking around at our life through a very isolated vision of fear, like a horse with blinders on. We tend to see things in our life that are NOT……not enough, not working out, not manifesting, not up to your standards, not exciting you, not……and BEcome lost therein.

Thing IS, EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE in an instant.….literally…..1 minute YOU have nothing, the next minute, YOU are flying on top of the world. 

BEyond this AWEsomeness of instantaneous miraculous change IS the fact that when we are looking around at our world through an isolated spectrum we are missing out on all the things that ARE, are good, are manifesting, are exciting, are opportunities for even more fabYOUlousness.

PMS, like a bad trip, our teen years, or an intentional healing experience, IS an Opportunity to CHOOSE to Fly instead of drown, to CHOOSE to heal instead of nurse old wounds in the INSTANT we feel the fear arise.

It IS a “leap of faith” in LOVE…..but then again, so IS CHOOSing Fear based thoughts…..either potential outcome IS just that, a POTENTIAL, each just as likely or not likely of occurring. The question IS…where are YOU CHOOSing to put yOUR Supportive, Manifesting, Creating Energy Frequency???

**NB: Having the opportunity to choose love instead of fear is NOT to say that we should ignore negative feelings, attempt to repress or brush them aside. Feelings are VERY IMPORTANT. They assist us to see where our opportunities for growth are, where, in the instance of negative feelings, we are NOT loving self that we may then, with our blinders removed take a second look at our lives, at our selves and see those things that ARE, are good, ONEderFull, and exciting about our lives and our selves. In so DOing are we then able to provide the supportive manifesting energy towards creating the life we desire and enJOY. Of course, it can sometimes BE difficult to so DO when ‘trapped’ within the vortex of negativity that mass hormonal fluctuations can bring upon us. This is when it IS ALLways a good idea for us to seek out assistance, whether on your own through self development resources available, for instance, reading blogs such as this, or collaborating with a therapist or life coach such as myself. Either way, we should allways honour our feelings whilst remembering not to become consumed therein. In other words it’s okay to feel down, but…..ya gotta DO what YOU CAN to assist yourself to get up, and there ARE a plethora of tools, resources, ways available by which we may. 😀

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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