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Question for you, in the name of healing and love*

Question, Question, Question:

Soooo…..having spent 12 years in and out of a relatively abusive relationship – …..hence WHY I ALLways ENSURE to write[ & say when providing therapy/guidance]……that IF harm IS coming to self or others to WALK WALK WALK away – that the “lesson/opportunity for growth” presented in such a situation/relationship IS to LOVE SELF enough to walk away……

I am often presented with the question, BEing presented with the myriad of situations I have in both my professional and personal life;

“What would ONE say IS “harm” enough to walk away from??”

EveryONE has aspects of SELF to HEAL….to Transcend….to LOVE.
In any relationship we are in, these aspects of SELF are reflected withIN one another.

Some aspects of another instigate &/or inspire mirrored aspects [responses, reactions, conditioned associative memories, transcended chosen emanations] of SELF that are more LOVEly and Divine than ever we could have expected, whilst others more Angry, Depressed, Negative even dare I say abusive than others.

ALL relationships will bring to surface/instigate/inspire/mirror ‘BOTH ends’ of the infinite spectrum between love and fear – [although the range and intensity therein DOes indeed vary… some are much more intense, skewed, opposing than others which are but teeny ‘imbalances’ from the Bliss of our Authenticity].

Sooooooooooooo THE QUESTION IS……

What “range”, what level of “imbalance” IS one which we welcome as an opportunity for growth, by staying within the relationship to face that which IS coming through us [& the other] as incited/inspired by BEing in the relationship versus what level of ‘imbalance’ is one when we should simply say, “this IS not the way I want to face my fears, heal my insecurities, or find the strength and courage to love self……I am walking away”, understanding, now here’s the biggie….

…….that IF it’s coming through you, IF YOU are “ALLOWing” the negativity to BE experienced and furthermore expressed that it IS something withIN YOU, [even if it may BE much ‘smaller’ in feeling and expression and experience outside of such an instigating relationship] something withIN YOU seeking to BE healed/transcended/LOVEd.

How “intense” IS too intense, KNOWing that any time fear IS brought to the surface in any relationship, anytime negative emotions arise it will BE a more ‘negative’ experience than the bliss of our Authenticity.

How do you ‘guage the school room’ BEing provided for yOUR personal growth and enLIGHTenment withIN any given relationship?

Very much looking forward to hearing yOUR responses. 😀
Thank YOU soooooooooo much for sharing.

See my response in the next Fulfilled Destiny blog post.**

Bliss Bliss Bliss
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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