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Self Dialogue from Negative Thoughts to Fulfilling our Destiny

Pretty much ALL we DO is habitually based…….with A LOT of that which we Perceive in our current now based upon the perceptions of our childhood and past experiences.

Habit IS UNCONSCIOUS…..we are not paying attention in and to the present NOW when we are responding via habit.

We may have learned things as a child, through experiences from our childhood [things we saw, heard, experienced first hand] from the limited perceptual awareness, understanding and information we had as a child which are INCORRECT and more over ‘getting in the way’ of our progress today.

When you are having negative thoughts, instead of getting upset with self or your thoughts, have a conversation with self as though speaking to YOU as a child……..with LOVing Patience and Understanding as you would any child, remembering that often times we need REPEAT lessons over and over until they are learned. 😀

Keep in mind the negative thoughts you are having are not purposefully getting in your way of progress.  Just as your parents or friends who may not understand your desires and choices in life may tell you to do something else, even call you crazy for doing what you are doing, they, like your inner child, are so doing from a place of love, albeit a wonky place, a loving place all the same. :) hee hee

Loving Patience and Understanding with SELF = SELF LOVE = Fulfilling our Destiny, living as the Earth Angels Divine we are, experiencing our HIGHest HAPPYness manifest. ~*❤*~

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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