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Self Identification, Self Definition, Who do YOU Choose to be?

How DO YOU define YOU?
What do you identify YOU with?

If someONE asks you, “Who are you?”, how do you respond? With what descriptive adjectives do you CHOOSE to reply?

Take a moment and CONSCIOUSLY ponder here upon. 

There IS no where that it IS MORE IMPORTANT to ensure our Mind IS LOVingly aligned.

As our response, thoughts and feelings regarding SELF can BEcome rather automated, it IS VITALLY IMPORTANT to ensure that they are aligned with uplifting, empowering, enlightening, assisting, and LOVing descriptions and thus SELF identifications, meanings, and purpose for BEing.

If what ya find IS NOT of the above, is NOT relaying the Magnificently ONEderFull Gift unto ALL of we you are…….YOU CAN CHANGE it!!!

Soooooo if your response to any of the above included ANY negative responses, put downs, “less than’s” or “not enough’s” consider this yOUR GREEN LIGHT SIGNAL to CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE those and CHOOSE new one’s.

Amazingly, we can CHOOSE in any given now moment to alter our SELF perception, to choose to look for the things within self and about self that are positive, that are loving, giving, sharing, caring, compassionate, productive, creative, etc…  In positvely reinforcing our LOVing self to our self, we are also positively reducing the things about self we do not find to be loving.  As the saying goes, you can not be angry and happy at the same time, n’est ce pas, thus, choosing to be happy, to focus on the things about you that make you happy about who you are, how you are, why you are, and what you are, choosing to BE LOVE takes care automatically of any thoughts, feelings or actions that are otherwise…….yup….just like that. ❤

Here’s a ONEderFull start to any and all of our SELF Identifying Descriptions:

I AM……an Earth Angel Divine.
I AM……a GIFT to ALL.
I AM …..a BEing of LOVE’s Light.

Amazingly how we choose to define self in words, thoughts and feelings translates into ACTions……affecting ALL!!!

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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