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Self Trust

On this New Moon day in Libra let us ask ourselves the question:
Can you say YOU TRUST yourSELF?

In order to trust that ‘the universe’ [god, energy, source, existance, all that is, the divine, your ancestors, etc…..] IS conspiring to assist you in every way possible, you must FIRST trust your SELF.

That means ya gotta trust in the choices you have and continue to make – even if they appear to be horrible mistakes……

Mistakes serve purposes we may not understand in the experience thereof [as we have labelled them a mistake] and yet serve a purpose far greater than we could have ever imagined both for self and the benefit of all.

When we see our mistakes for their truth……we are able to release the hold of fear upon us [feelings of guilt, not being good enough, etc….] and thus transcend both self and our mistakes into blissings…….

It’s a matter of Trust and the question IS whether or not we’ve got it for self……
do YOU?



KNOWing my Authentic Desires….Attractions….Tendencies….Life Purpose//Personal Legend

ACCEPTing that which IS manifest withIN my life in this NOW…..
as aspects of my Authentic Desires//Personal Legend

WELCOMing that which IS BEcoming manifest withIN my life- even if consciously I can NOT see/feel/hear/taste/touch it

KNOWing that which IS BEcoming IS that which supports my Authentic BEingness

TRUSTing in SELF – the choices I make, the ACTions I take, coming from a place of dedicated LOVE to BE of LOVE for the BEnefit of ALL, starting with SELF and the fulfillment of my Personal Legend.

Letting go of fears, doubts, insecurities, worries, stress and strain.

Surrendering into the comforting bliss of LOVE’s embrace.

Do Ra Mi Fa So La Ti Do*

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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