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Senseless Worry – Part 2

Part II

Senseless Worry – Part I

Okay, so HOW??? How do we “recondition” our minds? How do we “uncondition” centuries of negative conditioning/brainwashing and release our minds from these conditioned prevailing thoughts of worry and fear about NOTHING!! Remember, Fear is about something that is NOT….whether not ‘yet’ or not ‘ever’ the recurring theme here is NOT!

The other day I’m out play’in with our dog, Shaman Jhanu, but I’m not really “there”…..yes my physical body was there…no hocus pocus or anything, it was “just” that my MIND was not there!!
Notice I put “just” in quotations…..well that’s ‘

cuz it ain’t “just”………..we’re talking about our very LIFE here….
Here’s what I mean….

Though physically, I was out playing with Shaman, I was not TRUEly enJOYing my special time with our BEautiFull LOVE Bug. I was not participating WHOLLY within the experience of that Gifted moment.
NOPE, I was far too busy, thinking!! Thinking about anything and everything else but the moment, the GIFT of my experience. That is the power of “NOT”, that is the power of “Worry”. It rapes us of our TRUTH, of the luxuries, gifts, and blessings of our Life!!

I was so busy thinking of all the things I need to DO, like, getting the editing done for the Premiere of our FIRST EVER ONLINE Community Circle PLAYSHOP,

Serenity Through Soul

OoooohhhhhWeeeeeeeeee I AM sooo EXCITED about this!! Soooooo Excited, and I can not hide it!! I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM EXCITED, EXCITED!!!
This is what we have been creating towards………ya see what I did there? I used the word “creating” instead of “working” -….as it has become associated with the meaning, the perceptual reality of imprisonment, it has so become.

“Work” should be the means by which we are able to provide for OurSELVes, materialistically, as per our needs within this world, by providing that which we LOVE to DO! Follow YOUr Bliss ☺ Work SHOULD BE a natural extension of our TRUTH, provided for the benefit of ALL. This allows for the natural flow of positive energies, “the circle of life”. As we imbue others through Fulfilled Happiness we are so imbued, LOVing SELVes, DOing & BEing ALL that is our TRUTH.
Work should BE Play.

The only difference is that when ya call it “work” it’s ‘cuz it is bringing in the ability {in this current world} to PLAY MORE!!!!

Okay Okay, I went off again!!
So, where was I?
Oh ya, how can I possibly forget, our long time Imaginary Friend…..

Yes, all those things occupying my mind EXCEPT the actual experience of the NOW, I was having with Shaman.
Let’s see, there is so much!!
I have to write!! Which, YEAH, as YOU can see, I’m DOing!! I have to organize a special event for my son, Zion. I have to take care of a bunch of other “Zion related” things, from school to doctors, visits with his father….Then there’s ArtWave Design, our Multi Media with Mind Production Lotus of Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary and her “clients” whom we address as our Angel Partners, requiring our attention and creativity.
PLUS of course, Sanctuaire’s LOVEly Angels, whom we are also so very blessed to provide our Wisdom & Wellness Guidance services of LOVE’s Light to, and did I mention, I have to DO the laundry, clean the dishes, clean the cat litter……
Of course, my mind is racing with thoughts of my BEautiFull sister, how is she feeling, thinking, how can I imbue positivity, supporting a fantabulously positive outcome.
My dear friend who has just gotten out of the hospital, and how her recovery is doing, my LOVEing family and friends, and how they are feeling, BEing…..and the attention I should BE giving.
Oh ya, then there’s the bills that need to be paid, do we have enough money, my health & fitness, did I exercise today, is there nutritious food to eat in the kitchen, have I BEen getting enough sleep, And……….

By the way, is any of all this worrying DOing anything?

I just stopped, right there, in the middle of all that worry, and asked mySELF, “RONI!!! HELLO!!! YOU, in there, ‘Miss too busy to BE in the NOW’, ‘cuz I’ve got sooo much to worry about…….WHAT ARE YOU ACCOMPLISHING Right NOW?”
“Well”, I thought, “that’s a good question Roni”, if I DO say so mySELF, and I did ☺

Let’s see… this NOW, is there anything I can DO, regarding any of these million in one thoughts dashing around inside of mind? Is there anything I’m thinking about that I haven’t allready thought about?

Did YOU KNOW in one day we have approximately 64 THOUSAND, that’s 64 000 different thoughts coursing through our mind??!!
And………of those 64 000 thoughts, more than SEVENTY, that’s 70% are repeat thoughts…..carried over from the day before!!

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! What are we spending soooo much time thinking and rethinking about????

Ooops, I forgot…….right, right,

I KNOW, just as we ALL DO, what we need to DO, what needs our attention, and I’m sure there are many out there, just like me, who are overly enthusiastic organizational freaks! I’ve got calendars, reminders on calendars, notes, and more notes, about all the things- “stuff”, I’ve gotta get done. Yet still, here I was, playing with my dog, BEing given this most incredible GIFT to BE outside, on a BEautiFull day, and what am I DOing???? WORRYing!
And TRUEly WHAT is all this worrying DOing for me?

Nothing, BUT……taking away from a most positive joyFull experience.
Taking away from me BEing in the NOW of my experience.

Ahhhhhh……there’s that saying we’ve all BEen hear’in ‘bout….
“BEing in the NOW!”

Is that the ANSWER???????

Blessedly BE Sweet Angels
Positive Abundance in YOUr Every NOW, ALLways :)
Radiate Soul Light/roni

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