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Senseless Worry – Part One

An Essay Series about Worry – Fear – Love
The Simple Choice Between them and ways by which we can tip the scales towards Choosing LOVE and Happiness for our Selves in our Every NOW :)

We all have things, “STUFF” we worry about. It’s a conditioned MIND state, by whom ORIGINALLY & Consistently, we shall leave to another day, another essay :) however let’s just say, it’s been go’in on for CENTURIES.

Sooo, gett’in back to our worries, of which WE ALL HAVE, unfortunately :( sorry can’t help mySELF….it is NOT a NECESSARY state of mind. We worry about sooooooo much!!! We have been so conditioned, it is soooo ingrained into our BEingness,

we worry about our worries!!

“Did I think to think about what I was thinking about yesterday, when I was thinking about last week, which was when I was planning for next week?”

Yar kill’n me!!
Really, we are killing our SELVes, alas, I digress….we can speak to the health concerns of our anxieties in yet another essay….pretty sure there are one or two already :) Check out our Nutrition and Fitness Categories.

We worry about being sick, we worry about work that has to get done, we worry about negative thoughts we are having, we worry about the stove being left on, the bills that need to be paid, the garbage being taken out, the project due at work, the anniversary coming up, our body, hair, clothes, house, car, OY!!! DO WE WORRY!!!!

What is “worry” anyhow?

Worry is FEAR. It is a thought about something that is “NOT YET” possibly, “NOT EVER”, BUT how we LOVE to think about the ‘not yet’ that we would like to be ‘not ever’!!! Oh do we wrap our minds around them little ghouls and goblins!!!

“Ghouls and Goblins??!!!” you say. “They’re not real!!”
When we worry, we worry about what is “NOT”!
Okay so ya gotta take out the garbage and you don’t want to forget. Worrying about taking out the garbage isn’t going to get it done any easier, quicker and definitely NOT BETTER than perhaps, writing your SELF a couple of post it notes, left around the house.
Problem solved.
And if ya forget to take out the garbage??
Oh MY!
What’s gonna happen?
So…ya have a little more garbage for next weeks pick up!


[ Illustration by: Aline Ohannessian ]

Illustration by: Aline Ohannessian ©

Sure there are “big” worries, like for example, my sister, who is a very young 35, BEautiFull BEing and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the also very young age of 33.
She was deemed “in remission” @ 34, only to have it return at 35.

Well second time around she really through us ALL for a loop and ‘decided’ a coma for close to two weeks was in order!
Let’s not even get into the proceeding operationS in which she almost died!! They had to replace her body with blood FOUR TIMES over!!
Reason to worry???
BUT!! Does it help to worry?
If my sister was to not have woken up from the coma, would our worrying have changed that situation, would it have changed the outcome?
And for those amongst us who CHOSE to sit in worry, did it make their experience through out this situation EASIER? Did it provide them comfort? Did it help them “get through it”?
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, NO! And it didn’t do too much to assist any one else either!

Either way, we were going through it – sooooo exactly how does the worry help?

She did by the way, wake up from the coma, and as I said, has been doing GREAT!!
Now, she’s 35 going on 36 and once again, a year after being declared “in remission” her CA125 “grade” is going up.
CA125 measures the presence of cancerous cells in your blood.

Pretty good time to worry, no?
Worry is a form of NEGATIVE MIND, and does NOTHING but PROMOTE more NEGATIVE thinking and BEing.
Does my sister really need to be thinking negatively about her life and her health NOW? Do I?
Is this going to help her?
Is it going to make her CA125 numbers go down? Fight the cancer away?
In FACT, the exact OPPOSITE has Proven TRUE!  POSITIVE THOUGHTS have Cured Cancer,

so to our previous question, I would have to say an EMPHATIC NO NO NO!!!

Negative thoughts if ANYthing, PROMOTE more Cancer Growth, it is an automatic giving in, giving up, giving over, any and all personal CHOICE, and POWER, our very FREE WILL to something that is NOT!

SURE! There is an increase in the number of “yucky” cells, and YES, we need to be AWARE, Pay Attention and BE CAREFULL or as I had the revelation the other night, what “BEing CareFull” really translates to is, LOVEng SELF!!!
BEing CareFull to me, denotes a need to be aware of FEARs – which we NEED NOT HAVE AT ALL!!

Life is gonna happen whether we worry or not…..if my sister were to have not woken from that coma, she simply would not have woken, Period. Worry or no worry. We would have to deal with it.
YEAHHHH that she did and YEAHHHHH that she WILL continue to BE fantabulously fine as well!!!

The point is, Our Journey to outcomes and all those things which “just happen”, ya know that LIFE thang, is of our CHOOSing!!!

We, my family, my sister, her friends, and me, CHOOSE to BE in the NOW!!!
And in this NOW, my sister is look’in, feel’in and BEing Fabulous and Fine!!! She’s busy BEing mom to a most BEautiFull niece of mine :) See how I brought that back to ME…hee hee heeee….
She’s running several Charity Organizations, including aWEARness Canada in support of Ovarian Cancer Research, exercising daily, seeing a homeopathic doctor, not to mention her oncologist, her this, that and the other. She has a loving husband, fantastic friends and family and she’s LOVing her experience with each and every one of them, as she is, each and every one of her experiences.
What is the alternative??!!!
Giving Up, Giving In, Giving Over??!!!
Really??!!! For what? Why? So we can miss out on ALL the Fantabulousness that is GIFTed we in our Every NOW?

When we can simply choose an alternative MIND perspective?

How simple is that??
Not something ya hafta lift a tonne of weight to accomplish, or spend a million dollars to get, not something you have to study 1- year to receive a diploma for, nope, just a simple ‘ol flick of the MIND switch from off to on, negative to positive, just like that…….
We can CHOOSE to:
Stay Positive, Pay Attention, Be Aware and LOVE SELF
, ESPECIALLY when it comes to something as “BIG” as my BEautiFull sister’s life!

And Positive, Aware and LOVing SELF we are!!
She is dealing with a health issue, we are dealing with her dealing with a health issue, by CHOOSing to remain positive and take positive ACTion to ensure we are DOing EVERYthing we can. We are NOT giving up, giving in or giving over ANY of our Personal Power and HAHNEY!!! WE ARE POWERFULL!!

We, the people of this Earth School are PSYCHO POWERFULL!!
The energy from just ONE of US…JUST ONE, can light up the entire STATE of NEW YORK!!

Do YOU realize the potential of the power YOU contain within YOUr BEingness??!!!


Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/Roni

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