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Set the stage for LOVE

As we experience life, we see NOT of that which conjured our experiences into BEing yet they are, like the AIR we BREATHE….

Our experiences are conjured into manifest form by our energetic flow, [our thoughts, feelings, actions in combination with those of others’ in our life and all that is, ever was or will be] which IS directed by our CHOSEn focused attention—CHOOSE to focus on LOVE.


I AM CHOOSing to put my faith, trust and BElief in that which I currently do NOT see, KNOWing that ‘Following my Bliss’~LOVE’s Light IS the ONLY WAY.

There IS much we do NOT see and yet without we can NOT BE….like the very AIR we Breathe, giving us the Greatest Gift of ALL, the Bliss of Life itself.

How YOU describe, reflect upon, recall, look forward to yOUR life IS reflective of yOUR actual experience thereof….set the stage for LOVE.*

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. » To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni Click HERE.

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