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Snow ball effect

Funny how we can wake up feeling groggy, tired, even potentially achy and then suddenly our minds join in by providing us with thoughts that are supporting this yucky feeling we are having…..thoughts about all other things in your life that make ya feel ‘yucky’.

Thing is…..these are just thoughts which albeit very cool how our mind/brain likes to “join in” and “support” what we are feeling is not quite so cool when what we are feeling is low energy……

Thoughts CAN BE CHOSEN…..which thoughts we CHOOSE to give our attentions to that is.

If you are having thoughts entering your mind that are bringing you down, instead of choosing to follow them through to their natural exponentially expanding destruction, choose instead to take a detour at the LOVE-Fear fork in the road. Choose instead to seek out, grab onto and follow the thoughts that are uplifting and thus allow these to exponentially expand for ya. 😀

Blissings of LOVE and Light to ALL***

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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