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So Simple

Asked WHY I tend to cry so profusely, overwhelmed by emotions during these a-ha moments of recognized realization……[& BEingness]

BEcause it IS SOOOOOO SIMPLE for ALL of WE to BE HAPPY, ALLways and……

WE CHOOSE CONSTANTLY BEcause of our fear based conditioning to stay in sh&!- in a vortex of heavy, dismal darkness………to suffer, even to go so far as to celebrate our suffering!!!

How ridiculous!!!!

We can SOOOOO EASILY Gift our SELF the BEaYOUty and BLISS of our TRUTH….. which IS BEings of LOVE’s Light,
and release our “ego’s fears = pride = need to PROTECT SELF”,
just like that…….
with the switch of the perceptual Mind Switch,
we are BLISSFully, GrrrreatFully, WHOLLY, Serenely HAPPY.
Just like that…..
we ALL have…..



BLISSedly it IS, ALL of WE, BEing LOVE.*

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein,

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