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Souls Talking Brain LIVE Show:  Labels, Hippies, International Peace Day, Oh My! [Video]

Our Double Goddess, Aline & Roni discuss the pros and cons of labels….identifying and classifying labels that we use for SELF and for others and their positive and negative affects and effects upon our perceptions of SELF & others.

Our Good Deed DOer this week IS: “Pixels for Peace” by Matthew Fry

Check out the AWEsome opportunity to share yOUR energy of LOVE for ALL of WE on the “Pixels for Peace” YOUTube Channel ;~)

****Remember**** Our THOUGHTS ARE our “mode” of CREATION…
….Good thoughts CREATE good experiences….
…Think Good Thoughts…….starting with SELF!
YOU ARE a Light of LOVE!

Souls Talking Brain show on Ustream

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    1. rizalito (Reply) on Jun 21, 2011

      you know I’m really touch of what you shared to your blog and your live video. you are totally correct we need to share our love to each other whatever their races,color,identities most specially during the international peace day!! so far for me if the person who have love to his companion he cant do anything bad against the rights of everybody. the only thing that he/she can do is to show respect to his/her brotherhood ,neighborhood personalities, views, beliefs and cultural identities, hence the people have love in his/her heart he/she never neglect anybody………