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STOP FIGHTING what IS and start CREATing MAGIC instead.

“Feelings of lack or inadequacy are the building blocks of jealousy. 

Jealousy not only damages relationships, but it acts as a significant impediment to our ability to manifest. Until we heal the root of this emotion, our lives remain stuck and unable to flow.” Clive Harvey Fox

Okay, sooooooo how DO we deal with a situation of jealousy?
BEyond jealousy of another, how DO we deal with a situation withIN which we are feeling lack or inadequacy?? The root of jealousy, n’est ce pas.

1st: IDENTIFY it.

2nd: Regarding Jealousy specifically; release the ONE whom YOU are using as yOUR barometer, from playing such a role……’tis NOT the kind of energy YOU want to BE transmitting to another. OWN your own feelings………they are yours and of your making…….BE the response able Light of LOVE, you are.

Which brings us to….

3rd: Once the jealousy has BEen released, ’tis time to face the feelings of inadequacy and/or lack……face them head on….look them straight in the eyes and…..ASK WHY?

Find out what the feelings are TRUEly about……walk the feeling to its source. For example, ask questions like: “Where did you learn that you need to have what it is you feel you are lacking?” “What does having what it is you do not mean to you?”

Then, TRANSMUTE your feelings of inadequacy by asking new questions and CHOOSing NEW Thoughts about the very things YOU felt lacking or inadequate about to thoughts of fabYOUlousness, abundance, acceptance, and ultimately LOVE.

For example:
You may feel inadequate because you are not driving a specific type of car. Figure out why you feel like that, where did you learn the association between having that car and the feeling – likely of success, that comes with it?

Then, see if you can find examples of that feeling without the car. Can you see examples of success in your life that are not measured by the ownership of this car?
Is it possible to see how having this car is NOT a measure of success?

Can you find different definitions, ways of perceiving what the definition of success is to you?
Obviously asking such questions from a perspective in which you are seeking to uplift SELF, to LOVE SELF as opposed to admonish self.

STOP FIGHTING what IS and start CREATing MAGIC from what IS instead.

You are where you are…….start there…… LOVing acceptance. Build your self up instead of tearing your self down, and before you know it those external situations that have BEen coming to show you how right you were for feeling lack and inadequate will completely disappear and in their place will BE external situations supporting your new Self LOVing perspective.

WE ARE the CREATORs of our life experience and it ALL starts withIN…..with how we CHOOSE to Perceive, Receive and Respond to………SELF. ;D


Radiating LOVE,


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    1. Steve Robison (Reply) on Jan 27, 2012

      This stuff is so simple. Why do we make it not?

      When we get to the causes of our feelings of fear and lack, we can confront them with courage and invite them to leave. Fear and lack are no longer welcome in my life. So fear and lack must be no longer welcome in my thoughts, my memories, and my feelings.

      Let’s make it a great day! A day of clarity, healing, and love.

      Love ya!

      • love (Reply) on Jan 28, 2012

        LOVE it, LOVE YOU***

        BLISSings Sweet Angel.
        Thank YOU for journeying the adventure through our gifts of LOVE’s Light and further sharing withIN yOUR gifts of LOVE’s Light, what a ONEderFull deLIGHT.
        la la la la LOVE**