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Survival of the….Focused

Wanna KNOW how someONE deals with the yuckiness in their life???

 Those whom ‘deal’ with the yuckiness in grace, that is.

They CHOOSE to focus their attentions on the fabYOUlousness – even when things seem to BE really, really yucky!!!

 They CHOOSE to maintain their attentions on that which IS GOOD.

 They CHOOSE to BE an emanating frequency of positivity.

t the end of the day, everything that IS, IS energy……everything!

Our thoughts are energy
Our emotions are energy
Our actions are energy
Our material possessions are energy
We are energy

When we can relax and lean into the KNOWingness of this we realize/recognize just how POWERFull we are in just our BEing… just what it IS we are CHOOSing to focus our attentions upon, which of course affect how we are feeling, which affect the CHOICEs we make in our physically manifest ACTions, which of course affects what our physical experience of BEingness, our LIFE experience IS.

And that’s NOT even taking into consideration what YOU are ATTRACTING to YOU from elsewhere when CHOOSing to align yOUR BEingness withIN a certain frequency.

Focusing on the bad DOEs NOTHING but promote more bad.

Soooooooooo TODAY……let us ALL make the CHOICE to focus on the good……let us ALL make the CHOICE to align our mind’s withIN our hearts and thus CHOOSE to think thoughts such as:

“The Universe has my back.”
“Whatever I need will BE provided for me Purrrfectly.”
“I AM supported and provided for in every way.”
“I AM LOVE, LOVEd, and LOVing.”

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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    1. Ruth (Reply) on Dec 18, 2011

      MY CONSTANT SUPPORT ,MY PERFECT FULLFIlment of every need and my Highest Inspiration.that is Universe for you,never a dull moment..