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The art of simply……..BEing

The art of simply…….BEing…..

Matt is a very wise man:

“There is a deep-rooted and humbling sense of confidence in knowing the truth of your being that differs greatly from any arrogant understanding of spiritual concepts.

As this deep-rooted confidence begins to blossom, there is an indescribable willingness to be as you are and embrace however life appears, without needing anything to practice, maintain, or repeat to yourself.

This is where the spiritual search ends, while inviting you into the supreme grace of life’s ongoing celebration of the one eternal spirit.” ~~Matt Kahn

Ahhhhhh yes*
Can we take a moment to consciously breathe in this majestic wisdom.


Indeed, it IS exactly when we put down our books, stop looking out there for some divine answer, stop separating those whom we deem to be ‘the masters’ from ourselves, stop running after success & status, and…….start TRUSTing in SELF, start turning to SELF as ‘the master’, as “divinity’, start recognizing, acKNOWledging and acting from the awareness of our Authenticity, as Divine BEings of LOVE’s Light, as ONE with ALL that IS, ever was or will BE, that ALL the things we were so busy searching for COME to US in comfort, ease and joyFullness.

Life BEcomes fuller, brighter, and more BEaYOUtyFull BEcause those are the eyes with which we are gazing upon it.

We BEcome more relaxed, calm and grateFull, for that which IS in our lives, even if it’s not what we had envisioned, imagined or wished for.

We look upon our lives from a different perspective of response able divinity instead of victimized imprisonment.

As our dear sweet soul sistar Hala likes to say, “Embrace yOUR inner Empress/Emperor of LOVE” and experience life as YOU are intended to.

We are, each of we, divine BEings of LOVE’s Light, and as soon as we BEgin to recognize our Authentic Identity, embrace and emBODY it, so too shall our lives reflect it.

Here is to all of we embracing and emBODYing our divinity.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE
Roni ~*❤*~

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