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The Cult of WE

We are born into a world in which we accept all things as is.

Our parents to whom we regard with the reverence of god, are themselves, products of this world, raised, reared, socialized, & educated, within the confines of this world.

We accept, so very easily, all that is, as it is…..
but BEing that which it is, does not mean it is right……
does not mean it is what is meant to BE….
does not connote the TRUTH of WE….

Those who speak out are silenced, {Galileo, John F. Kennedy, Aristotle, John Lennon} ridiculed, {Einstein, Ghandi, Al Gore} condemned, {Nelson Mandela, Itzak Rabin, Dalai Lama} yet still, they stand tall and continue their quest…..


For all of WE

We must learn to ask questions instead of simply accepting that which is, because we have been “told so”.
Who is telling you so?
Your parents who have themselves been conditioned?

Tough to question, but think about it….they are not god, they are not all seeing, they are another YOU!!!

Who chooses what information goes into the books we are using to educate our children with, or for that matter what our children are being educated about?

Why are there no classes teaching our children to LOVE themselves? Lessons in Self insight, intuition, LOVE?

Ask Questions, Who, What, Why, Where, When, How.....

Who writes the history books we base our entire existence upon? From whose perspective do these come? Who’s history is really being writ?

Who decides what is law, what is justice? How are they chosen for these all powerful, all seeing , all knowing positions of power over the masses?

Did they ask YOU how you felt, thought about Bill C51, Codex Alimentarius, whether the war across the ocean was worth the lives of our brothers, sisters, daughters, sons?

Where did our religious books come from, books to whom we have devoted our entire lifestyle to abiding by? Who wrote these books by which we measure our life’s worthiness?

What is the New World Order?

Where do our medical professionals get their information they so do, regarding the medicines that they so readily prescribe to us, our parents, grandparents, our CHILDREN?

What is in the medicines they prescribe for “our good”?
What is in our foods? water? toothpaste???????

Who profits?
Who pays?

Why are we told to do, not question? To trust in authority?
Who made authority, authority?


There is no need for revolution, picketing, mass congregation, protests, merely for the ONE to BEgin to ASK questions, seek TRUTH, for SELF…..and give SELF permission to BE ones’ SELF TRUE, to listen to SELF, that which you know is true, that which makes you uncomfortable, causes you to ponder, and then

PONDER, ASK questions, investigate, uncover…….expose TRUTH…educate YOUr SELF….

Those who have been brainwashing, conditioning us to live within the contrived reality of their making, have been doing so right in front of our eyes, speaking openly of their “master plans” for all of WE, for Centuries….

We need to start listening, looking, Hearing & SEEing the TRUTH that is….and then, simply……


as Each ONE BEgins, the exposure, unmasking, disbanding, & disabling of that which is not TRUTH, which is illusory, shall occur naturally, without any violence, protest, or pain to any of WE :)

Simply BEing the BEST “ME”, We can each, individually BE…….

{have ya noticed the unbelievable magnificence of our individual actions to “go green” and save our earth? We DO have the power to transcend, transform, enlighten, cause change for TRUTH, in LOVE for the benefit of ALL}


We are ALL stars on Earth, Miracles of Life, Earthlings upon & sharing our Earth School, together, GLOBALLY….ONE in the SAME, EQUAL in our magnificence,

In Lak’ech Ala K’in
Blessedly BE
My Sweet Family

I am so very humbled the honour of sharing in OUR experience upon the Earth School, with ALL of YOU :)

In LOVE’s Light,
Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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