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The “How To” for Facing your Fears:  Part 1
This IS an exerpt from Roni’s literary compilation, “Radiate Soul Light”©™, enJOY*❤

The “How To” for Facing your Fears

The right of passage, through revelations and reflections, realized, in the physical, is THE GIFT of the GODDESS, and this she bestows unto us, one and all, awaiting our humbled, loving, gracious ownership.

The Head, the Heart, the Home.
We encompass all within our being.

The act of being, is the act of doing [which includes how we are thinking, feeling, perceiving…..], which we accomplish ideal, when we are loving fully the being we are.

The Head, how we feel and think rationally, maps out our way here upon the earth school. We create positively when we trust within the truth- [that we are loved and being supported] of that which we see, feel, and experience.

We know, when we see and experience through the truth of Soul [Love’s eyes]. All we need do is accept the gifted beauty of ourselves as one in the same with ALL, our Universal Family.

The Heart, how we feel and think lovingly, is the language of Soul.  Who we are IS LOVE. We experience completely when we trust in our love and follow the truth of our Heart, void of any fear, pain, doubt, mistrust or denial. Experience true, is within complete OWNERSHIP of our SELF in LOVE with SELF.

The Home, our way, always, is through the family. [ancestral and communal]  Always, it is from our family, we are given the tools by which we shall find the way to express the Love that is our Head and Heart, our Soul, our SELF.

The Home is where we find the lesson to be learned, the tools by which to learn them, and thus unite Head and Heart within the balanced unity of one.

We are SOUL.
We are LOVE.

In life, as I’m sure you’ve read in many of my essays, you essentially have two choices.
These being of course, say it with me now, to perceive, receive, and respond in:


Man we’re good huh?!?!

O.k., but wait a sec. here,
what does “perceive, receive and respond by love” or for that matter “fear” actually connote?
I mean, HOW does one do it?
What do you need to do, to live by love?
How do you know when fear is guiding your existence?

How are we supposed to “get better” if no-one tells/gives us the “how to”?

You always read in the ‘self-help’ books, and hear the ‘gurus’ proclaim; “don’t be insecure, face your fears, be loving”, however, often times they impart frustration, for they never really tell you, HOW.

Communication is key, however, how can you effectively communicate with another, if you are not so doing with yourself?

I received a request to “please, just pin point ‘the how’, and bring it all together as briefly and coherently as possible.”. All of my writing is writ with the intent to offer guidance in this very pursuit, achieving the “how”, the way to soul/LOVE awareness, and ultimately, implementation thereof, as demonstrated by our daily behaviours.

I therefore happily accepted to fulfill their request to the best of my abilities, in what we may call, an outline. This outline shall provide a dictionary and direction, by which one may begin their voyage. And so, for the many who have not yet, and are looking for how they may begin to walk the path. I give you:

A ’10 step plan’ to:

❤ Give, Receive and Respond in LOVE.
❤ Follow your soul
❤ Face your fears and
❤ Live life by the light and love, of Soul.

Before we delve into the process, allow me to begin with a very important premise that must be acknowledged and accepted, both now, during, and after your personal process. Although by ‘after’, I refer to after life in this physical form, in which case, you shall have ‘perfect’ understanding. Well, at least closer to, anyways. 😉

First, it is important to recognize that this is but one, amongst many pathways available for you to achieve soul/authentic awareness. There is no one path that is “the only” path. So long as your chosen path is a loving one, and gets you where you need to be, so long as it is neither harmful to yourself or others.
The particular way matters not, except as herein, as a guide, a loving example of how one may walk, to accomplish the collective mandate.

Secondly, no matter what ‘plan’ you follow, what belief system you turn to for guidance, reassurance and validity, even if you follow that plan to a ‘tee’, even if you are given ‘all the answers’, be not mistaken, the voyage requires your persistent, committed and conscious devotion. Getting lost along the way is quite common place, even for the most adept of us. If you do, don’t despair, don’t get down on yourself either, just get yourself back on track, realigned in harmonized flow with your purpose, and venture forward in LOVE.
To assist in this process, it IS highly recommended as it IS in any practise we sustain to continuously check in with self, assess your situation, be aware and pay attention to where it IS you find yourself in any now. ***The most persistent commitment of consciousness we must have upon this journey IS to Consciousness itSELF….BEing Consciously Aware, walking awakened, that we may BE and see Authentically.

Alright then, let us begin our journey remembering to love ourselves, accepting that we are human, and as such, shall ‘make mistakes’ along the way, lose direction and falter. Accept and recognize that this is in fact, your purpose here upon the earth school. As I said to my son the other day [2001], he was crying, because he didn’t want to go to school for he didn’t believe in his ability to pass a test;

“If you knew everything, if you were to be perfect in all, then why would you need to go to school in the first place? School exists because you don’t know everything, because you are learning.”

Our life is spent in school. The moment our soul journeys ‘down’, {which by the way is used only because the vibrational level of our soul must decrease, allowing for our physical mass and density}, to the earth school, it has assumed the role of student.

This is your life’s work. This is our purpose, all of us, here upon and within the earth school. We are here to learn as much as we can about ourselves, and therefore each other. We are here to learn and integrate into our beings, the essence of whom we truly are.
Beings of love.
We are here to create “heaven upon earth”.
This is our mission. It is our only mission, our only purpose in life. And it is the most difficult, fear-ridden task we shall ever be given, [because of millenium of fear based conditioning we have been subject to] and yet, in truth, the easiest one, once we actually embrace and therefore, fulfill it.

Acceptance of this and choosing to see through love’s eyes instead of fear’s, is step one in your voyage to soul/LOVE awareness. Once accepted, once embraced, even as an idea, your voyage shan’t be so bumpy.

Let us take our first step then, together;

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Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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