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The Law of Attraction, Manifesting through Self Introspection

How are you talking to YOU?

What are the conversations you are having with your self?

Are you telling yourself that 
”I can” or “I can’t”, 
”it’s possible” or “it’s impossible”, 
”life IS fabYOUlous” or “life sucks”, “I’m a success” or “I’m a failure”, 
”I’m BEaYOUtyFull” or “I’m ugly”???

Take a moment right NOW and LISTEN to what it IS you are telling yourself about ANYthing in your life.

IS the talk uplifting or demeaning, empowering or belittling?

The Universe~Energy~Law of Cause & Effect~ALL supports us……..whichever way we CHOOSE to go……so CHOOSE the way that inspires your HAPPYness and thus so physically manifest. ***

I know ya may not believe me and hey, I don’t blame ya if ya don’t. Though I will say, have a looksie around your world today and pay attention to how you have been speaking to self.
If ya don’t like what you see, and your self talk has been less than loving, then as the saying goes, ‘the proof is in the pudding’.

The Universe~Energy~Law of Attraction, [whatever words/labels ya wanna use] support you which ever way YOU direct.

Soooo, if ya wanna ‘test’ it out for yourself, [which really you should allways do- never take someone else’s word as fact until you have investigated for yourself ;D ], see if indeed it works in the positive direction, start having some positive self talk and see what manifests.

Of course, ya gotta be as diligent and consistent with your positive self talk as you are with the negative.

Ya gotta be looking for and pointing out the positive to yourself as easily and frequently as you do the negatives [you’d BE surprised how adept we are at pointing out the negatives and how often we so do…] and……….if you are still doing so with the negatives, commit to so doing FIVE TIMES [5x] more with the positives. In other words, every time you catch yourself in the midst of some ‘negative self talk’ ya gotta stop yourself and then……give yourself 5 times the positive talk. So for example, if you wrote a test and didn’t do as well as you thought you would have done, and catch yourself silently berating yourself for not doing as well, you would upon catching yourself not only stop the beratement but then find at least 5 things about yourself and your studies that are positive and uplifting. And….if ya happen to find that difficult to do, [focus on the positive regarding your test and studies specifically], then ANY 5 positive things about self will DO. 😀

The point IS to create a shift out of that which we have been so very well conditioned to do….look at the negatives and into that which we are meant to, that which we as an entire species THRIVE upon, LOVE*

Here IS to yOUR ‘testing out the waters of LOVE’. 😀
I DO sincerely look forward to hearing the results of your testing. ***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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