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The Most Human thing to DO


BEing the I in ME we LOVE SELF to BE- the TRUTH that IS ALL of WE….BEing L❤VE,
IS NOT about BEing a monk or a nun, most certainly NOT about giving up fun….it IS the MOST Human thing we can DO.

We are here upon our Earth School to enJOY ALL the pleasures of our physically manifest BEingness as the Light of LOVE We ARE.

Indeed, BEing LOVE IS the “COOLest, Hippest” thing we CAN DO, and so much Sweeter too!

❤LOVE the Synchronicities!!!
Check out this fabyoulous quote that came my way to share with you, 😀

“When love inhabits the heart, nothing appears difficult and one draws profit from anything that happens. Thankfully, this comes from the fact that love erases the veil that separates us from Reality. As this veil becomes thinner and thinner, one experiences a profound joy that emanates from this proximity with Reality. One is captured by the perception of beauty.” ~ Sidi Hamza Qadiri Boutshishi

***Indeed, in BEing LOVE we manifest ALL that we desire and Life TRUEly IS the ONEderFull adventurous journey we ALL came here to experience ❤

_()_ Gratitude _()_


I DO BElieve ALL of WE are fascinated to some degree by the experience of our physicality here upon our Earth School or here we would NOT BE. :)

Indeed…..ponder there upon…..the physical expression of our LOVE’s Light… AWEsomely COOL it IS to see/experience the miraculous ONEders of our BEingness manifest physically, sensually, and shared so readily with ONE another. :)

Big Hugs of LOVE ❤

Blissedly BE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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    1. TSsMee (Reply) on Oct 25, 2011

      Synchronicities!!! experiences a profound joy that emanates from this proximity with Reality.but sometimes you just blind and the Time is stopped.. (!) ..and in this moment, understand and remember BEingSelf – Here and now! –
      Thanks. Dears!!! BE HAPPY!!!! =)

      • love (Reply) on Oct 25, 2011

        Thank YOU for sharing in yOUR insights Angel. _()_

        Blissedly BE*