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The ONE and ONLY KEY that Opens the DOOR to EVERYTHING


The ONE and ONLY KEY that Opens the DOOR to EVERYTHING

…for it IS in recognition of our TRUTH, we step into our TRUTH and physically manifest in our expressed BEingness the LOVE that WE ARE and thus BEnefit ALL. 😉

We DO have a difficult time building our SELVes up, speaking Positively about SELF, revering SELF, LOVing SELF….embracing that which, for so many of we, has BEen stripped away by FEAR’s illusory conditioning.

Here’s the thing….

Everything, absolutely EVERY THING, person, place, object, animate and inanimate IS ENERGY.

What we see as our reality, as dense matter IS really like pixels in a picture on our computer screen, IS actually tightly attracted CELLS of ENERGY.

 Thus, the GREATEST AFFECT we CAN have upon ANYthing IS ENERGETICALLY…it goes straight to the VERY CORE of our BEing.

Our Energetic BEingness IS SUBTLE…….

it IS us, and all that is, ever was or will be in its least “dense” state possible, and yet GREATEST AFFECTing state.

This vibrational frequency of our quintessential essence, our inherent, foundational, natural state of BEingness IS affected by EVERYTHING we DO, from our thoughts, to our feelings to our ACTions.


WE ARE that POWERFull!!!

When we CHOOSE to think Positive thoughts we are actually affecting our quintessential state of BEingness~ the 100 TRILLION CELLS within us. This affect on our whole creates a vibrational frequency that IS the result of our CHOICEs in BEing. This vibrational frequency mingles with the frequencies of ALL the waves in our surround. It’s just like a rock thrown into a pond that sends rippling waves out and out and out. We have the SAME AFFECT on the ALL that IS, ever was or will BE.


Each and Every ONE of WE!

This of course IS the same for ANY “type” of thought we CHOOSE to think, feeling we CHOOSE to feel, ACTion we CHOOSE to take, and thus why it IS soooooo important that EACH of WE DO the BEST that WE CAN to BE the I in ME, WE LOVE our SELVes to BE……and really, who DOes not LOVE to BE HAPPY?????


With enough of WE DOing all we CAN to simply, in the quiet solitutde of our own internal BEingness, BE LOVE, LOVE SELF, CREATE a vibrational frequency that sings harmonies of LOVE’s melody, we WILL CHANGE the world……..which IS what we are DOing NOW!

For those seeking assistance in BEing the I in Me You Love your Self to BE, get in touch with ME and we can set up your own FAB~YOU~lous Journey to adventure the pathway to SELF LOVE. :)

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