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The small shift that changes everything

So here it IS…..
Yup…it’s a biggie……and yet……. [hee hee]

The ‘transcendence’ we are all experiencing IS one of a shifting paradigm of consciousness…….of “Thinking”….of “HOW” we interACT with, interpret, and respond to life. Yup, that’s it, no big metamorphosis, alteration of planetary atmosphere, alien invasion, or armageddon, ‘just’ a slight shift in our thinking, in which of our thoughts we choose to give our attention to and act from and upon.

When we hear people speak to the ‘difficulty’ involved in this shift it IS important that we keep in mind our HABITUAL Nature as human BEings.

Think about any habit you have had and tried to ‘break’…..for example, nail biting, cigarette smoking, emotional eating, twirling your hair, etc… etc….

How easy was it for you to break those habits- if you did at all?

Well hahney’s we are talk’n ’bout the BIGGEST HABIT of them ALL when we speak to the shifting paradigm of consciousness we are all journeying through……our Habit of THINKING itSELF.

Talk about Insanity = enLIGHTenment.
The shift to which we are ALL currently withIN the process of IS one that asks us to completely let go of our known way of thinking, of how we actually use our minds to process information and respond to life itself.
This shift is one in which we are BEing asked to contemplate, dare I say embrace thoughts we may otherwise have labelled as completely INSANE (ie: our thoughts create physical manifest experiences in our lives) and yet, are in fact more AUTHENTIC, more factually based in TRUTH than any thoughts we have collectively pondered in thousands upon thousands of years.  And yes, it can feel a little ‘insane’ at times. ;D

Sure it can BE ‘difficult’…..
Sure we can ‘fall off the wagon’, ‘get off track’, ‘lose our way’ as we journey this shifting transcendence, HOWEVER….just as we DO with any negative habit we are trying to HEAL, to not hold onto, to let go of that we may welcome, embrace and embody a healthier habit, lifestyle, way of BEing,…..

with persistence, dedication, commitment, perseverance, and LOVE – understanding, patience, compassion, gentillity for self,

we CAN, we Are and we Will make this shift in consciousness
out of fear and
into LOVE.

For those seeking assistance in your journey to transcend our Collective Habit of Fear based Consciousness, I DO offer one-on-one guidance sessions.

Please visit our services page for more details and of course feel free to get in touch with me directly through our site contact form to discuss. 😀

Blissedly BE,
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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