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The Soul vs The Mind

We give much of our “power”, faith, trust, honour, respect,….. to our “soul” [heart, higher self] and attribute much of our weakness, anger, irritation, and disappoinment to our “mind”,  when in TRUTH the 2 are 1 – BOTH part of us, both of our Divine BEing.

  We are a WHOLEistically balanced BEing of LOVE’s Light even if we don’t feel like it.

We have put this HUGE weight upon that aspect of self we call “Soul” to BE this omnipresent part of we, this all knowing, all seeing divine aspect that is never affected by any negativity, that is always in a state of divine love.  We do this whilst giving a HUGE weight of negativity, of failure to our “Mind” for BEing everything that is not love…….and yet, the two are inseparable, the two are part of the one that IS who we are.  They co-creatively collaborate to express the BEingness that IS our physically manifest experience.

It IS……our expressed manifestation of BEingness, WHO we are… “Elegant WHOLEarchy”……symbiotically functioning together in EVERY ASPECT of our lives upon ALL levels of our BEingness.

We do not experience transcendence on just one level of our beingness, you don’t have one without the either.  Our Conscious Awareness IS experienced through the combined efforts of BOTH.

Our “Soul” speaks/communicates to our “Mind” which in turn communicates to our physical BEing – our “Body”.  Our body is made up of approximately 100 Trillion Cells of ENERGY which are but ONE aspect/reflection/projection of the INFINITE Energy to which we are ALL a part, which in turn communicates back to our “Soul” and………..vica verca ☞  The cells of our body communicate to our mind which in turn communicates to our soul which in turn communicates to the ALL.

In fact, you can point out anywhere along this fabYOUlously interwoven circuit of communication, Conscious Awareness and arrive at the same.

For example: the Divine/Infinite/ALL communicates with our Soul which in turn communicates with our mind which in turn communicates with our body…cells…..or in the reverse, the divine communicates with our cells to our mind to our soul back to the divine.  [We are ALL Divine and Infinite at the same time that we are the Mind, the Soul and the cells of our BEing]

The Torus Energy System of ALL that IS

It IS NOT a dualistic existance, it IS an Elegant, Balanced WHOLEistic ONE………..and EACH aspect thereof as Divine as the next.

Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

ALL this to say……our souls, minds, bodies and infinite aspects of self all require and desire our COMPASSIONATE LOVE.

Hugs of LOVE & Gratitude
Namaste _(l)_
In Lak’ech Ala K’in ~*❤*~

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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