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Things will get better*

Whatever IS going on in yOUR life…however “bad” something may BE, 
that in simply CHOOSing to redirect yOUR Mind’s focus by realigning yOUR Mind withIN its true home, our Hearts of Unconditional LOVE, 
things WILL BE Better!

***Remember EVERYthing that IS, IS fundamentally Energy and it IS upon this quintessential dimension that ALL IS created.

I KNOW it’s a tough one…….putting our focus on the unseen…ALLOWing our SELF…giving our SELF permission to BElieve in that which we can NOT see with our physical eyes [yet]…

I get it……I like to call it the “Catch 22 of life”.
HOWEVER it IS Very Important to note that

It IS nothing that any of we have NOT learned in elementary chemistry or biology.
It IS nothing that we don’t ALLready KNOW…..we KNOW it logically, we FEEL it intrinsically and intuitively.

NOW we gotta BE it.

As Yoda says, DO or do not….there IS NO try.

**ONEderFully we ARE awakening into this state of BEingness TOGETHER……and sooooooooo BLISSFully grrreatFull am I to ALL of YOU for BEing in my aware experience of BEingness whilst we ARE, I LOVE YOU!

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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