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Today’s LOVE Focus:

I AM an Earth Angel Divine.

I AM a BEing of LOVE’s Light.
My thoughts are those that are inspired by my Heart.
My ACTions are those that are derived within LOVE.
I AM an Open Conduit, giving and receiving the Crystal Clear Light of LOVE BEnefitting the ALL that IS WE.

Every Morning, [when I remember to] I like to spend a few moments {I tend to set my alarm a little/lot earlier than required} lying in bed, Consciously CHOOSing to BEgin my new day in thoughts of LOVE.

I CHOOSE to focus my attentions on ANYthing that makes me feel HAPPY……..whether it’s Gratitude for what IS, enthusiasm for what will BE including that which I AM in this NOW Co-Creating {in other words it IS NOT currently physically manifest- in fact, it may BE something that seems outlandishly out of reach……} or simply LOVE filled comments from ME to ME. :)

If it makes me Happy I CHOOSE to ALLOW my Mind to relish within it and thus BEgins my Day…….with my Anaharta – my Heart Chakra wide open, given full reign to direct my day, to direct my thoughts, feelings and BEingness.

We tend to think that manifesting the life of our dreams takes a lot of work, but really the MOST amount of ‘work’ that IS required IS a CHOICE to Pay Attention and BE Aware… Consciously CHOOSE where we should BE focusing our attentions.

This ‘need’ for us to BE so consciously aware, paying such close attention in a manner by which it FEELs like we are having to be so aware is Temporary and only because of fear based conditioning. What we have BEen taught to regard as “important”, of value for us to BE focusing upon in our lives for the last millennia IS CHANGING as we are remembering what IS TRUEly of importance.

We are remembering that, that which WE value as important in any NOW IS of our CHOOSing and thus NOT set in stone just BEcause someone else told us it IS or BEcause that’s how it’s “ALLways BEen”. We have seen this type of change before, it is nothing new, it is simply who, how and what we are…..LOVE in motion, change.

We have seen how we went from seeing the world as flat to round, isolated to infinite, earth bound to boundless, how things that the majority of we valued as the highest of highs in importance from religion to marriage for example, have changed within our perception of them……and soon enough……our perception of SELF shall change too. We shan’t have to “work” to Pay Attention with such engrossed concentration ensuring we are Consciously Aware of our thoughts about SELF to BE in a place of SELF LOVE, to manifest our dreams, BEcause we will simply BE the I in ME we LOVE our SELVes to BE and thus shall experience our Bliss, our Heart’s Desires, our Dreams manifest. :)

This “soon” is happening………NOW!


Today, through out yOUR day, CHOOSE to BE the LOVE that YOU are…CHOOSE to ALLOW yOUR Heart to BE just a little bit MORE “in the driver’s seat”, and please share how that experience of BEingness manifests for YOU* :)

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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