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Transcending Worry into Trust

k wanna try something fun and fabyoulously effective….

Where ever you find yourself saying “worry” or any deriative thereof

for example, “I am worried that……” “it worries that….” “i am stressed because….” “i am having anxieties over….”

SWITCH the word “Worry” [or deriative thereof] to “TRUST”.

For example:

  • if you were saying “I am worried about how we are gonna pay the bills”
  • you would switch that to “I trust we are gonna pay the bills”


  • pay attention to how changing that word makes ya feel……

  • and “massage” that feeling.

Repeat EVERY Time you say/think “worry”, at the very least for today anyways…… 😀

For those saying, “well the bills gotta get paid, what difference is some positive thinking gonna do?”
Whatever you choose to focus on if ya got bills that need to be paid, they are there and they need to be paid.

Finding something within the situation that is positive to focus upon such as the FACT that in our world of close to 7 billion, those of us who have bills to pay are the LUCKY ones…….and we are a minority….
assists us in finding the ways required to pay the bills necessary for our privileged minority lifestyle.

This DOes work.
The only way for you to know if that which I say is true, is to try it out for yourself.

**And remember through out the process, stay conscious to your thoughts and more importantly over all feeling…..the point of this fun activity is to align yourself with the feeling of TRUST, Authentically.
So ya gotta LOOK for the positives, look for something concrete that you can ‘sink your positive juices’ into, that you can logically comprehend as in our example above, and flow magnificence into your life as a result. 😀

[an easy thing you can sink your positive juices into is by consciously looking at your past  & present for all the positive examples of bliss made manifest in your life……such as, maintaining our example, the fact that you have been paying your bills for x# of years, that you have a place to pay bills for, that you made it possible for you to have a place to pay bills for…… an example…..]

Here’s to flowing in fabyoulous fun, adventure and positive abundance to all*

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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