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Transitioning Alignments

HELLO BEautyFull Earth Angels Divine!!!

I AM sending forth Positive Energy unto ALL, within a HUGE Embrace of LOVE’s Light, with my intentional direction towards manifesting our Heart’s Desires, fulfilling our HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW.

We ARE transitioning in this NOW & for many it IS quite a trippy ride through FEARs we have long BElieved left BEhind. 
It IS that we need keep in MIND that FEAR IS ILLUSION and 

The FEARs we are experiencing, the situations we are entering into that are “ALLOWing” for the Opportunity for WE , to traverse through and face these FEARs, IS so DOing that we may HEAL our SELVes of these FEARs, that we may transcend~release these FEARs and thus our own BEings, our own internal FREQUENCY to align SELF in Harmony with the Universal Energy of Unconditional LOVE.

Our Earth School IS shifting…..this IS NOT science fiction, this IS scientific FACT…. there IS plenty of information available from a plethora of respected sources, which YOU can look up yOUR SELF… need to trust lil ‘ol me 😉

There ARE cosmic alignments…..planetary alignments, alignments occurring in our Milky Way – {as well as many other galaxies – however let us stick to our own galaxy for NOW}

These alignments ARE CREATing SHIFTS in the energy frequency of our surrounding atmospheric environment– remembering that ALL IS energy, including the AIR we breathe, and these shifts in our surrounding environment affect the energy frequency of our Universe, of our Earth, and thus of WE!

WE ARE inescapably affected……

Here’s a very simple example:
imagine a little fruit fly on an orange, that is sitting on a ‘swinging suzy plate’ – the kind of plates that spin around….

NOW imagine that the plate goes from spinning at a rate of 1 mile a minute to 3 miles a minute…….the orange will also go from spinning 1 mile a minute to 3 miles a minute even though it itSELF IS not moving…..and….so too, will the fruit fly on the orange…..again, even though it may not be moving either…..


There IS NO getting around this….it simply IS.

When our energy frequency IS affected, which it IS in this NOW, it causes shifts to occur, which brings about- brings to the surface of our conscious awareness, aspects of our BEingness, of our energy {WE ARE ALL ENERGY!!!} that are NOT in alignment with the new frequency.

That which is NOT in alignment – our FEARs, are given the Opportunity to realign, transcend, “Get in Tune” with the new frequency.

This IS what IS occurring NOW and for many it CAN BE scary & overwhelming, BUT! if we face, embrace these FEARs in LOVE, with LOVE, where we shall wind up is WAY BEyond where we were prior to…….and where that IS, IS an INCREASED state of BLISS!

I AM here to assist any whom are so seeking to make this transition an easier one……to journey the adventure with YOU to SELF LOVE 😉

This IS my Personal Legend, my Raison D’etre, and I offer a plethora of ways by which YOU may receive LOVing Guidance to assist YOU on yOUR Personal, Unique, ONEderFull Journey 😉

Please DO journey through my online business card,

where YOU will find numerous links to various sites, from blogs to LIVE Broadcast Shows, to an email address where YOU may contact me directly to schedule yOUR own Personal ‘Life Coaching’ enLIGHTenment Journey with ME.

ALL of these links, as with ALL that I DO, exist to assist ANY whom are so seeking to LOVE SELF, and thus BEnefit ALL of WE.

WE WILL make it through this transition and WE WILL BE HAPPYer, we WILL feel better, we WILL experience the Bliss of BEing the I in ME, WE LOVE our SELVes to BE.

BLISSedly BE Sweet Angels 😉
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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    1. Conor (Reply) on Jan 6, 2011

      When you love yourself ‘as is’ , you truly know how to love others unconditionally! And when you go with the flow.. you align yourself with ABUNDANCE!! Just be yourself dudes and dudesses!! Love U!!! :-) xxx