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[Video] Souls Talking Brain Show ~ Death, Suicide, Religion, Oh My! Part 2

Our Double Goddess, Roni & Aline ask the extremely life affecting question:
and traverse with us as we look upon Death from the infinite perspectives available in our attempt to answer this all pervasive question.
We touch upon
» views from the religious, scientific, & combinations thereof
» questions regarding how many of our Universal Family members are actually “walking the walk” of their BEliefs
» the infinite ways in which our BEliefs regarding Death affect our LIFE…… and
the CHOICE we ALL have with respect thereto.

This Week’s Good Deed DOer IS: Debra & Mark Gehrke

May we ALL come to BE the experience of our Quintessential Reality of Infinite Possibilities Living as the emanating Lights of LOVE, WE ARE!

yOUR Double Goddess,
aline & roni

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