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“Wanting” IS a good thing?

K, so we ALL WANT……this, that or the other, and once we receive it or forget about it, there IS ALLways somethin else to take its place.

This IS NOT a “bad” thing…..our wanting….it IS what drives us, motivates us, inspires us forward to DO, to experience LIFE……the Life we came here to experience…the things we came here to DO….to manifest physically in conscious awareness the BEing We ARE.

Sooooooo, take a few moments [heck take a few hours, days…..] to LISTEN to SELF….to yOUR inner, innate, Authentic intuitions, thoughts, feelings, so that YOU may KNOW what it IS YOU are TRUEly WANTing, why it IS YOU, the unique, 1 in a billion star of LOVE’s Light are here with the rest of us upon our Earth School in this NOW.

Did I say moments, hours and/or days????


What I meant to say was……..LISTEN to SELF…..ALLways!

And of course by “SELF” DO I refer to our Authentic SELF.

What IS our Authentic SELF?
The SELF that speaks to us from, through, of LOVE…….as opposed to that which comes from the illusory infestations of fear.

How DO YOU tell the difference??
I mean they ARE BOTH coming from withIN YOU – when YOU are hearing their voices, the thoughts in yOUR head the feelings about situations, experiences in life, n’est ce pas???

LOVE makes ya feel GOOD.

Fear…..NOT so much……..

Yup…….c’est tout, that’s ALL folks!

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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