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We are Ascending…what DOes that mean?

As energy vibrations increase 
[which IS a natural occurrence of our evolutionary process – just think of how quickly information IS shared today compared to 20 yrs ago BEfore the internet] 
their resulting spiraling vortices acts like a centerfuge for ALL energy frequencies that can NOT “keep up”, if YOU will, or that are too “heavy” to handle the increased LIGHT/LOVE.

We ALL KNOW how “heavy” we feel when we are experiencing feelings based within the illusory perceptions of fear.
This simply IS.

We also ALL KNOW how “light” we feel when we are experiencing the feelings based within the perceptions of LOVE.
Again, a simple fact.

Heavy vs Light

There IS no denying, again, just another simple fact, that things are moving FASTER, that we as human BEings are processing information at leaps and bounds in comparison to just a few short years ago, let alone decades ago.

This HAS an affect upon us……and this affect IS an INCREASE in our ENERGY’s Vibrational Frequency [which by the way IS ALL that we are…..100 TRILLION Cells of Energy]………which as it so happens IS mirrored – scientifically measured – by our cosmic family including our very own Mother Earth who has increased her own rotational frequency around her axis.


….and as we are ALL increasing our spin velocity, those things that are too heavy or can’t “keep up”, if YOU will, either get thrown out of the spiral, are brought up and out to the surface, and/or out of the loop completely.

These “heavy” things that are getting thrown/dropping out of our spiraling votext of BEingness, are our FEARs. Whilst this IS happening, that which IS propelling us forward…….[like our reaching out to ONE another INTERNATIONALLY through the internet and sharing with each other, regardless of geography, culture, race, religion or creed], IS our LOVE!

During December, in preparation for the dawning of our New Gregorian Calendar Year of Unity and LOVE many of our Earth Angel brothers and sisters experienced such a ‘Spiralling CenterFuge Cleansing”, for some, BEcoming very ill, others experiencing great discomfort, and for others still, like mySELF, excruciating pains, or as I like to refer to it ALL as:

a rebalancing of our internal melodic frequency or reharmonizing, heightened attunement with the Universal Collective Harmony of our LOVE’s Light…..
as thus…….a very very BLISSed Gift of our experiential manifest BEingness……for each and every ONE of WE.

Have YOU noticed, felt, experienced any cleansing, rehamonizing, or rebalancing within yOUR SELF or yOUR surrounding?
What has yOUR experience over the last month BEen like?
How has this year BEen for YOU thus far?
How have YOU CHOSEn to interpret that which YOU have experienced? ~~~What have YOU CHOSEn to learn from, take from yOUR experiences over the last month [s]?
How are YOU CHOOSing to interpret, perceive, look toward the coming months?

A note from my dear fb friend, Sri David:

“If someone spun you around and around in a centrifuge which they train astronauts to experience weightlessness, faster and faster, at the end they would say you had died. But what is actually happening is you are vibrating at a higher and higher frequency until the soul leaves the body out of one of the orifices. Just as light vibrates higher past the spectrum of our senses (red being the slowest/lowest, and violet being the fastest/highest vibration), and then into x-ray, gamma, and microwaves, which can no longer be seen with the sense of our vision … and in the sense of sound which is measured in cycles per second/hertz, and can be observed on a oscilliscope, if we go up octive levels (which are 8 note scales), we will soon get out of our audible range of hearing, but we know that a dog whistle can be heard by a canine … so too, when the soul vibrates at a frequency that can no longer be contained in the shell of the human body it becomes light and out of sight … it does not cease to exist, but has just changed form.”

I DO BElieve this IS part of the process of our evolutionary BEingness……taking it slow to get our bodies adjusted to “stay together” even though the quintessential essence thereof, our soul/energy/vibration is spiraling in ascended frequencies of LOVE. ❤

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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    1. Ron Malsbury (Reply) on Oct 28, 2011

      Hi Roni ! Yes I know exactly what you mean , I have experienced major upheavals this last month too … Pains, seeming sickness , injury at work , personal waves of intense change including my son coming to live with me fulltime & his mother allowing it willingly ! Wow ! May the FLOW continue uninterrupted for all eternity ! Let It Be ! <3 & Light ! Ron

      • love (Reply) on Oct 28, 2011

        Blissings Ron, soooo ONEderFull to hear from YOU here on FDS3 😀

        Blissed to hear the marvelous news of YOU & yOUR son, indeed, may the flow of LOVE’s Light continue to expand exponentially, whilst we our consciousness thereto filling our eternal NOW.