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We created this world, WE CAN Change it

As many of YOU have read in our recent articles/essays here on FDS3, and may have read/heard from others or perhaps are experiencing yOUR SELF, we are living through an experience of heightened negative/fear based emotions swirling around exacerbating many of our lives, our perceptions, and our overall states of homeostasis BEingness. This – though it may feel overwhelming to the point for some to BE a “struggle”- IS actually a GOOD thing. 

YES*, an Opportunity to face these emotions we have withIN our selves that are BEing brought to the surface so we may look upon them, embrace them in LOVE – CHOOSE to realign our Minds out of fear into LOVE and thus release ourselves of these negative emotions and thoughts accosting our experience of life.

Indeed…in addition to our own negative fear based emotions rising to the surface, so that we may heal our SELVes, and thus our planet, it IS that there IS an influx of “newly awakened” energy from our brothers and sisters who have BEen previously asleep, [to truths that have we have been living under, as a global society, manipulations, deceptions, etc…] making this experience that much more “heightened”.

The healings we have BEen experiencing in the past may have BEen more gentle, a little more detached, our emotions not so overwhelming, as more of our family members have BEen asleep – therefore their emotions essentially “frozen” if YOU will, as their thoughts have BEen in automated robotic mode.

Remembering we are ONE…with more of our family members “asleep” the influx of energy has BEen more minimal.

With their increasing awareness to truth may come the stages of mourning and grief at the realization of how we have BEen truthFully living, including emotions such as denial, anger, saddness, even depression, ALL of which definitely IS affecting those who are ALLready awakened and “tapped consciously into the ALL of we”.

As our brothers and sisters begin to awaken, they are first faced with what can feel like devastating truths. To come into undeniable understanding that for example, we have through our actions been supporting a global war society, that we have been taught to buy foods for our children we believe to be healthy which are actually full of toxins, that we have in pARTicipating in the political system of our global society BEen supporting the very individuals who are manipulating and deceiving us into blind compliance, [and so many other examples that shall go unnamed for now], can be very overwhelming to any ONE who was not prior to, seeing through Truth’s eyes, who was ‘asleep’.

Not only is it overwhelming to face these truths but more so to understand our part in the whole picture. That each and every ONE of we, through the choices we have made, through the choices we make each and every day DO contribute to the whole that IS our Universal Family.

These stages of mourning many are going through DO pass, as we face our fears and HEAL. As with many of our Conscious Light Weaving brothers and sisters who have BEen/are awakened, those just awakening NOW are coming to recognize the EMPOWERing state of this realization, that we in fact have the ablity to CHANGE the world and how we have BEen living by taking ACTion in, of, and through LOVE.

It IS that we need BE vigilant in transcending the muck and mire of our fear based conditioned minds, that we may release them to their natural states of BLISSFull LOVE’s Light…our Authentic states of BEingness.

We must BE “fanatical” in our dedication to BEing “on top of” our thoughts and emotions, and assist ONE another by co-creatively collaborating in our Universal Family’s HEALing. This is our transcendence out of perceiving, interpreting, attributing meaning to our life experiences through fear based thinking into LOVE based thinking, from “fight/flight” habitualized states of BEingness into “accepting/embracing” states thereof.

It IS a calming down of the negative fear based emotions- the illusions we have BEen consumed by, and an acceleration of the awareness of the detached observer withIN, the Light of LOVE that IS our TRUE BEingness.

….And together, WE ARE DOing it, we are HEALing, achieving, manifesting our Authenticity physically, and ridding ourselves of our erroneous concepts of duality into the WHOLEarchy of our Infinitum, of our Unity, our ONEness. 😀

BLISS _(l)_ ***
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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