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What IS wealth? prestige? success? normal? happyness?

Funny thing is if ya ask 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different answers.

So I guess the question IS how are YOU CHOOSing to view these adjectives as well as any other for that matter and………are the definitions you are choosing uplifting to YOU personally or demeaning?

Remembering again, it IS we who makes the discernment regarding.
Having said that, when looking at our own lives, it IS important to seek out the definitions that uplift us, n’est ce pas?

It DOes nothing for us to look at our lives from a negative perspective.
Ya, I hear ya, “it’s motivating to see where we have room to grow, point out where we are “not” where we would like to BE”.

Thing is, when we DO this, we proliferate a feeling of failure. Feeling like a failure only brings us down, as opposed to uplifting us, which only acts as a deterrant to our taking ACTions towards manifesting what it IS we are wanting.

If for example we are wanting to feel ‘more successFull’, looking at where in our lives we are feeling successFull provides the uplifting energy we require to give us the impetus to expand there upon.

Coming from a position of ‘strength’ if you will, strengthens us.

Let’s try this:

Choose something in your life that you are feeling ‘less than’ about, [ie; success] and ALLOW yourself to seek out where in your life you ARE a success, and see how that makes you feel about the rest of your life, especially those areas you feel can use some ‘assistance’……

We want to come from a position of empowerment not demeaned belittlement.

If there IS ONE person in this world that we should BE able to depend upon to uplift us, to assist us in manifesting our dreams, doncha think that person should BE our SELF?

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~


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