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Welcoming in our Dreams Manifest

What are YOU Welcoming into yOUR experience of BEingness?

What thoughts are YOU focusing upon?

Today, BE CONSCIOUS of yOUR thoughts….CHOOSE to think of that which YOU would LIKE to welcome into yOUR life in ALL the BLISSFull ONEder and Joy that yOUR Vision entails 😀 and……

whilst so DOing…..instead of thinking for example….”I WANT this, “need” this, can really use this, etc…”

say instead:

“I WELCOME ‘this’ into my physically manifest, consciously aware experience of BEingness.”

…….whatever “this” happens to BE.
and don’t BE shy……the SKY IS NOT the limit……’cuz there IS NONE!

If you want 1 thing or 10 things, small things or big things, material or esoteric things……WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME them into yOUR life. 😀

Let ‘them’- those things, events, individuals YOU would like to manifest KNOW that with YOU awaits a most warmly welcoming and appreciative Embrace of LOVE ❤

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


Improve yourself, your health, your professional and personal life and make this yOUR BEST year ever!!
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