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What how you are feeling is telling you.

Okay sooooo you have problems…..there’s things you don’t like about this, that or the other in your life.

Tell me PLEASE…..
What do you like?  W hat do you love about you, your life, your experience of BEingness?

  Tell me ALL the things about you, you do love!

Feeling Good IS a signal from our “inner/higher/soul” SELF that we are on the “right track”…..

Feeling “less than good” IS a signal from our inner/higher/soul SELF that there IS an opportunity to heal/cleanse/love an aspect of SELF that IS diverting us from the right track and thus a signal to keep us or get us back on track.

Pay Attention to how YOU are FEELing.

Depressed levels of HAPPYness, anxiety, fear, confusion, anger, resentment, frustration, agitation, stress, and the list it DOes go on and on are ALL just our internal way {perceived incorrectly by our conscious MIND} of informing us that we have come to a “fork in the road”, that we can either take the pathway that has 10 steps or 2.  It IS how our emotions tell us that we have something we need to face, embrace, let go, love, so that we can heal, cleanse, transcend the error in our thinking, conditioning, way of BEing and thus embrace our SELF TRUE……step more fully into the BEing we came here to BE and fulfill our destiny. 😉

Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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    1. nel (Reply) on Jan 25, 2012

      Something to consider…if you are empathic, no matter how good you may be feeling on your own, you can experience intense feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, etc. purely from others around you or people you are close to. If you are an empath, it’s important to determine whether negative feelings are coming actually from yourself or if they are coming from an outside source.

      • love (Reply) on Jan 26, 2012

        Absolutely Nel, absolutely.***

        Thank YOU sooooo much for pointing out this very Important point which affects each and every one of we.
        We are ALL empathic to some degree, or more apropo, we ALL have the ability to BE empathic by our very nature.
        We can ALL watch a movie, hear a story of another in a distant land, and be moved by the story we hear.

        Some are more ‘tuned’ in whilst others, a vast majority of we, have turned off our empathic sensors BEcause of the degree of heaviness that exists in our world as it IS currently. A world with war IS a sad place to BE…….as IS one who values the material external niceties over the infinite bliss that ALLOWs for ALL of this to BE. 😀

        In USING our Emotions as opposed to running away there from, can we determine if indeed amongst the many contributing factors, one may be the feelings of others BEing channeled through.
        It IS important to note, however empathic one may BE, that where the individual empath IS in their own life will have as much an affect on any ‘channeled’ emotions as the emotions BEing channeled themself.
        In other words, if the empath receiving feelings that are of another’s IS in a ‘stable’ place in their lives, it IS much easier to identify outside influences that are other than, as much as it IS when the empath is in a heavy place and is suddenly receiving feelings of euphoria &/or bliss.

        Hence the AWESomeness of using our emotions, taking an objectified detached stance from them, that we may observe their purpose and meaning in our lives as well as taking into account those within our surround or with whom we have emotional/psychic ties. As I have often found my empathic affects are most often from those that I am closely tied to emotionally as opposed to those that may BE withIN my immediate physical vicinity. 😀

        BLISSings of LOVE’s Light to ONE and ALL.
        May we not succumb to our emotional signals and instead BEcome empowered by them to make the choices in our lives that are TRUEly for our ACTUALIZED HIGHest HAPPYness manifest with every single experienced breath.

        In Lak’ech Ala K’in.
        Radiating LOVE,