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When the light dims

It IS for ANY and ALL including those whom ARE Consciously AWARE that in those moments when the light seems to have extinguished, and left us isolated, alone and afraid in what appears to BE complete darkness that we are in TRUTH longing for, searching, crying out in desperation for the LIGHT, for the LOVE that IS whom we ALL are….that IS what ALL IS, ever was, or shall BE.

When we are unawares, or momentarily ‘lost in the dark’, [feeling anger, frustration, aggravation, irritation, etc….] there is nothing we want more, how could there possibly BE, when ‘it’….LOVE, IS ALL that TRUEly IS.

YES! indeed, it IS in seeking solace, inspiration, healing, LOVE within SELF that we DO discover our TRUTH and are set free of the illusory stresses and strains and able to discover our FREEdom and Joy. 😉

As more and more are walking AWARE, not falling prey to fear based conditioning, taking other’s negativity, disrespect, judgment etc… personally, not judging and disrespecting others, choosing to follow our love based thoughts, seek out the positive instead of the negative, etc… more and more shall come to embrace their own TRUTH and shall ALL of WE come to BE the BEings of Pure Energy, of LOVE’s Light radiating inner HAPPYness and Peace for ALL, ALLways.

Big Hugs of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to YOU Sweet Angels for sharing yOUR BEauty and BEingness with ME and ALL of WE. 😉

ONE Universal Family
Earth Angels Divine

dancing to the ecstatic rhythm of life’s miraculous gift of BEingness.

Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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