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Who do you choose yourself to be?

Who DO YOU want to BE in this world? in yOUR life?

Who DO YOU want to experience BEing in this world? in yOUR life?


Take 5-20 minutes each and every day [best times when you first wake up &/or are off to dream land- I tend to set my alarm at least 20 mins ahead soooo I have time in the a.m. to lie in bed and set forth my energetic signature/intentions and envisionments for the day, my life, mySELF, ALL……] to Allow your self to enVISION YOU as the YOU, you LOVE your self to BE whilst stating positive affirming statements thereto.

The more often we so DO [support, affirm, instill, embrace, uplift, empower, accept, own] the easier, faster and swifter shall we manifest in actualized physical experience……even if at first we completely don’t BElieve it possible.

Yup, yup, yup, it’s TRUE…..
Try it for yOUR SELF….

But seriously……..try it……not for a day, for a MONTH…..a “30 day challenge” to LOVE SELF just a little bit more by dedicating some of your energy to ALLOWing thoughts, emotions, and imaginings of YOU BEing ALL that YOU want, desire, love your self to BE and then you shall see…….how so DOing truly DOes positively affect your entire WHOLEistic BEingness, and thus everyone you come into contact with as well. 😀

Bliss, Bliss, Bliss
***Remember….what we CHOOSE to BElieve affects what we Perceive which affects what we Receive.…..and it ALL BEgins withIN, with a choice.…..a choice we ALL have – our free will to declare WHO we are, How we are who we are, and thus to BE who we CHOOSE to BE.

Who DO you Choose to BE?
Are you Choosing Consciously?
Are you LOVing your Choice?
**if not……YOU CAN choose to change it at any given moment….just like that* – then just keep on keep’n on motivating, confirming, affirming, uplifting, assisting, owning, repeating, repeating, repeating until it IS.***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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