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Who wants to get physical???

Ya know how we often hear from the Law of Attraction experts to FEEL our desires, to FEEL what it IS we are wanting to manifest as opposed to rationally just thinking about it……

Well…..”Feeling” the feeling of what it IS to have what it is we are wanting IS MORE than just the emotions…….

Yuppers my LOVElies, FEELing the feeling of our dreams manifest IS also about the PHYSICAL feeling we have withIN our bodies…..

It “works” both ways….

In other words, to get ourselves into a vibrational harmony with that which we are desiring in our lives we can either feel it emotionally, visualize it, imagine it, etc….OR

RELAX our physical bodies into the state we would BE in when our desires are manifest.

The 2 function in tandem with ONE another and thus inspire one another into manifest BEingness.

Think about this for a moment:

When we are stressed our bodies clench – we ALL KNOW too well the ‘tightness’ in our chests, shoulders and backs we feel when we are anxious…….

We also know the relaxed comfort we feel when we are blissed.

In addition to BEing each other’s mirrors, we are also a mirror unto SELF.
Our bodies mirror our feelings & thoughts and vica verca.

How many stress ridden individuals have you seen comfortably lounging in relaxed bliss?

Having said that…..if YOU are feeling stress, anxiety, etc…. take the time – ALLOW your self the opportunity to RELAX your Physical Body..…sit back in a lounging position and focus on your breathing until you feel a relaxing wave through your body.

From here DO your visualization of that which you are seeking to manifest…..

Other “physical tools” of assistance include yoga, pilates, tai chi, walking, reading, taking a bath, sauna, getting a massage….all of which can BE used to assist SELF to get into a relaxed physical state. Once there, taking advantage of this state to ‘uber harmonize’ your radiating light- your energy signature being sent into the sea of all with that which you are seeking to make manifest, to attract back to you, IS the prime time to do any mental and emotional harmonizations.

Blissings unto ALL for uber effective HAPPY Harmonizations manifesting our intentional dreams, hopes, and wishes in comfort, ease and joy. 😀

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,
Roni ~*❤*~

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About the Author Roni Lipstein

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