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Whose thoughts are YOU thinking???

Instead of taking yOUR Mind/Thoughts ‘at word’, have a conversation with yOUR Mind, entertain yOUR thoughts OBJECTIVELY, from the Perspective of LOVE.

We ALL have thoughts, Positive & Negative that enter our Minds…some of these are of our own conjuring, however, many are NOT. We have BEen subject to stimuli from a plehtora of diverse sources, each with their own spin on things, their own perspective on life. Some resonate more closely with our own, some DO not. In truth, even the thoughts that we BEleive are of our own conjuring have BEen influenced by our socialization process. We are afterALL creatures of habit, creatures of our conditioning. When YOU have a thought, don’t just “go with it” especially IF what YOU are thinking IS of a negative variety.  QUESTION IF it’s in yOUR BEST INTEREST to follow/focus upon thoughts as they arise, again, most especially negatively skewed ones.  **Remember, our Minds ONLY focus on ONE thought at a time, sooooo, if yar hav’n ONE that YOU aren’t enJOY’n, find ONE that YOU DO :)

Our MINDS exist to give us ALTERNATIVES by which to interact with our Earth School….CHOOSE the ONES of LOVE, CHOOSE to put yOUR Faith in LOVE.

within a Mind Set of BlissFull Serenity :)
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein

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