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The TRUE motivation &/or purpose BEhind our ACTions is NOT the specific circumstance, situation or ACTion itSELF~~it’s the initial INTENTION withIN.

We ALL have DREAMS…..Our Dreams are NOT really about the external accomplishments.…these can manifest in a plethora of ways…
For example, the child wanting to BE an astronaut BEcomes an astronomist and the child wanting to BE a teacher BEcomes a journalist.

Our Dreams are about achieving an INTERNAL state of BEingness, IRRELEVANT of our external…..the external ALLways follows the internal :)
In our example above the astronaut IS moved by our cosmos and exploration BEyond our planet and the teacher by sharing KNOWledge with others and enLIGHTening their minds to new ideas and facts.

In other words, get in touch with what IS TRUEly motivating YOU, what YOU are TRUEly inspired by and then BE open to the plethora of ways it may come to YOU and manifest physically. It may NOT look like any preconceived notion YOU might have had. That IS the BEaYOUty of our experience, there are an INFINITE number of ways anything CAN manifest :)

Once YOU are in touch with what IS TRUEly motivating and inspiring YOU, BEgin to ALLOW SELF to identify with this aspect of YOU, ALLOW yOUR SELF to recognize that this attraction, this compelling motivation IS part of YOU for a reason and OWN it! ALLOW yOUR SELF to BEcome that which YOU are seeking to manifest physically, internally FIRST. Say things to yOUR SELF like, “they/it IS just waiting for me.” “I AM here upon this Earth School to fulfill this xyz purpose and I AM making it happen!”

There IS no where that this holds more TRUE and more vastly imperative in its importance than with our HAPPYness.

YOU CAN BE Happy, Right NOW!

YES! Even with ALL that YOU see as “broke” in yOUR life, YOU CAN BE HAPPY!

It’s a matter of perception, interpretation, focus, attention, awareness, it’s a matter of CHOICE.

The “broke” things in yOUR life are…they aren’t gonna get more or less broke ‘cuz YOU are upset about them, right??
Okay then, focus on the things that aren’t broke, focus on how YOU can fix the things that are, focus on the things that YOU ARE CREATing that are fabYOUlous gifts awaiting yOUR embrace, focus on that which brings YOU HAPPYness and voila……presto, YOU ARE HAPPY!

Yup! It DOes take perseverance, it DOes take tenacity, commitment, dedication and a whole lotta redirect’n the Mind back to where we want it to BE, until…….until just like any ‘ol habitual BEhaviour of ours…and hahney, they are ALL habitual BEhaviours, it BEcomes “rote”….automatic, and BEfore ya KNOW it, YOU are BEing Happy ALL the time and without any effort or concentration required.

NOW……how DOes that make ya feel???
Worth a try?
Well, I CAN tell YOU this, YOU ARE most definitely worth the try!

BLISSings unto ALL of WE to BE living our HIGHest HAPPYness manifest in our eternal NOW.
Radiating LOVE

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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