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LOVing SELF IS as much about our SELF directed thoughts and feelings as it IS our physically manifest ACTions for our physical vessel :)

Care for the physical vessel IS VITAL to ONE’s homeostasis state of BEing.

Start with Healthy Eating and Fitness, 
feeding yOUR physical vessel the energy it requires in the healthiest of forms and the ACTivity it yearns for to experience itSELF….to feel itSELF, thus MOTION.

Healthy Eating incurs intaking foods that provide for the requirements of the physical vessel, from minerals and vitamins to proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Healthy Eating requires that YOU DO the Research to LEARN what it IS our physical vessels need to operate the magnificent systems of our complex BEingness.

Healthy ACTivity incurs the ALLOWance for the physical vessel to MOVE, to EXPRESS itSELF in the myriad of ways that it IS designed to so DO and to so DO in manner that IS respecting the vessel, neither over or under extending.

LISTEN to yOUR physical vessel..….it IS ALLways speaking to us, it IS ALLways responding to US, providing for us the messages required to KNOW what it IS needing of YOU and then…….respond appropriately through the Light of LOVE that IS the TRUTH of ALL that IS, including each of WE. :)

For more assistance in yOUR research, YOU can BEgin by checking out the Fitness & Nutrition categories here on our FDS3 Blog. 😀


P.S. on the road to healing…

******The BESTest Place to start with our caretaking of the physical vessel IS….
BEing Aware of….


In fact, this Awareness of our breath assists us upon ALL levels of our multi-dimensional BEingness from the physical to the esoteric. :)

Take a moment right NOW……and LISTEN to yOUR Breathing.….BE in AWAREness of yOUR Breath as YOU inhale and exhale and DO so in deliberate intention, slowly, wholly, completely and……
Repeat through out yOUR day, often!!

BLISSings _()_
Radiating LOVE,
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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