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Are YOU undervalued by….yOUR SELF?

Are YOU undervaluing…..yOUR SELF???
Are YOU recognizing the ENORMOUS VALUE YOU bring to this world, to yOUR community, to yOUR friends and family?
Are YOU aware of what an exponential impact YOU have upon others?

PLEASE SHARE Some of the ONEderFull things YOU DO & enJOY DOing, that affect others positively here with & for the BEnefit of ALL of WE, BELow in the “Comments”❤

We live in a predominantly fear based global society.
We live in a predominantly undervalued, demeaned global society.
1% of the populace has 90% of the resources whilst the 99% of the populace share within the remaining 10% of the resources, which are more often than NOT, toxic and unhealthy.


BEcause we have BEen taught that we are NOT worthy, and we BElieve this to BE TRUE.

And, OH!!! the unending reasons for our unworthiness….we are just soooooo resourceFull in providing ALL the proof ONE requires to show just how unworthy we are………

Everything from: the money we earn to our intelligent quotient, from our geographical location to the car we drive or don’t have at all, from the colour of our eyes to the complexion of our skin, from the length of our bodies to our nuclear family. OH MY!, can we come up with reasons why we are unworthy. Like Pavlovian’s well trained dogs…..we have BEen sooooooooo very well conditioned to look down on our SELVes we don’t even need anyone else to DO it for us.

We are BEginning to Awaken and take notice.
We ARE BEginning to see that in TRUTH we are INFINITELY VALUEable and WORTHY.

The mere fact that we exist, that we are emitting a vibrational frequency through our BEingness, through our THINKING, FEELing, BREATHING, {and on soooooo many much more SUBTLE levels} HAS AN EXPONENTIAL AFFECT upoon ALL that IS, ever was or will BE.

We may NOT see it…….YET…….but we are BEginning to take notice of it, aren’t we? Starting to recognize our RESPONSE – ABILITY…..our ability to walk into a room full of people and AFFECT them, based upon our personal decisions as to where we shall ALLOW our Minds to wander, our thoughts to focus upon, and our emotions to entertain.

The CHANGE BEgins with recognizing the SMALL STUFF……starting “in yOUR own backyard”, as the saying goes, ….with yOUR family, yOUR friends, yOUR community, yOUR co-workers, employees, employers, associates, acquaintances and then of course radiating out from there.

Try this out for this week……

Where ever YOU GO…CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE HOW YOU are going to BE….try out different “moods” just for experimental purposes and see what happens. Go into the same environment on more than one occasion, with the same people, but each time in a different mood…..for example:

Wake up one day and BE CHEERFull with yOUR Family….even if YOU NEVER are….TRY IT!

Next day, wake up and BE SILENT…not angry….just quiet….when they ask ya what’s wrong, just point to yOUR throat or write on a paper that YOU are BEing silent this am…..
and see…….see how POWERFull YOU ARE!

****This IS NOT powerFull in the way of arrogance….it IS a recognition of SELF as it IS of ALL others….for we are ALL POWERFull.……and when we CHOOSE to come together in United LOVE, OH MY!!!!! the Power Surge that we DO send forth!!!!

Remember YOU touch ONE person’s life who then goes and interACTs with another, who then goes and interACTs with another and so on and so on, and so on……

The question IS what of YOU are YOU CHOOSing to send forth out into the sea of ALL?

When we are undervaluing our SELF we are sending out that energy.…….when we are LOVing SELF…..well, I think ya get the picture, n’est ce pas :)

PLEASE DO SHARE the things, the YOU, YOU LOVE yOUR SELF to BE when CHOOSing to share with others positively, here in the “Comments”. ……And PLEASE DO, take a moment to ponder upon yOUR life, & where YOU may NOT BE valuing yOUR SELF Worth, so that YOU CAN 😀 ❤

Check out this AWEsome Quote I just received from ONEderFull Angel Nilla Spark:

“The actions of our daily life
like waking, washing, lighting incense
do not seem very important,
but they comprise the whole cosmos.” Master Taisen Deshimaru

Gotta L❤VE the Synchroncities :)

Radiating LOVE

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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